Timothy at his graduation in 2016. He hopes to be vindicated from the ‘false accusations’

The Roseau Magistrate’s Court has struck out a case involving a former staff member of the National Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU) for want of prosecution.

In 2015, the police alleged that Dwight Timothy had stolen an amount of money from the institution and was arrested and charged with theft.

But the matter was adjourned for a number of times and the court has ordered that it be struck out.

“Court believes the request for further adjournment is not justifiable in all the circumstances of this case and it would be unfair and unjust to subject the accused of any further anguish through another adjournment,” a statement from the Magistrate’s Court reads. “Consequently, the matter was struck out for want of prosecution. The accused is discharged and the terms of his bail are lifted.”

Timothy said the accusation had made him a victim of cyberbullying, defamation of character and has suffered health issues because of it.

“I feel obliged to let my well-wishers know that through constant family support, countless counseling, mentoring, and faith in God, I was able to persevere despite the negative publicity and constant harassment,” he stated.

He said that he had lost a chance for an international scholarship to pursue a Masters in Finance.

“I lost my credibility in the financial world and at my university,” he stated. “Though this ordeal hindered my progress, I was still able to maintain my mental health throughout. In addition, I completed my final semester of my dual bachelors in banking and finance and attended by 2016 graduation in St. Kitts.”

Timothy also said that although his relationship with the NCCU ended on an unpleasant note, “if these unfortunate alleged accusations did not occur, I am confident that my career within the institution would have blossomed.”

“The institution gave me an opportunity to obtain a foundation in my field of study and assisted me in public speaking and sales and marketing skills as I managed a quite a few education session on their behalf,” he remarked.

He said he was never prepared for the shocking allegations and it still seems like a bad dream.

“I kept patient and placed all my trust in God and longed for the day I would receive justice,” Timothy stated. “I pray that one day I will be fully vindicated from these false accusations and I will get the desired peace of mind.”