Critique ImageDominica Cries. Marthalyn Warrington, the author of this poem begins by asking some interesting rhetorical questions. With every question the poem gets more intimate and gets the reader thinking about the present day situation as Dominica continues to cry. Dominica being the persona, wants to know why the children of her soil, is behaving as they are currently doing.

Warrington depicts the behaviour of the people, as slaves in captivity who needs to be set free. Dominica cries as she needs to be set free from the slave mentality of her people. This mentality has caused an increase in criminality both against locals and visitors alike.

The poem is unique in style and the author has used some good clichés to bring the message forward. “Lord of all nations far and wide help my people see” Dominica realizes that she’s helpless. She calls on God, hopes that he can make them understand. Understand the value of life, that they can use it to do positive things to end the bitterness. The poem is an excellent way of putting into writing the things that are negatively affecting us and the country.

The poem, Dominica Cries, can be seen below.     

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