Keks Mafia

Born and raised in the beautiful nature Isle of Dominica is one of a kind musician, Kevin Lennard, better known as “Keks Mafia,” who writes his owns lyrics and produces his own beats for the entertainment of himself and others.

He expresses in his songs what many of us as Dominicans have in common, using none other than our Dominican dialect. Mr. Lennard said that one of his many goals is to make it at the top in the music industry with the pure Dominican dialect, with “Asa Bantan”, “Triple Kay”, “Michelle Henderson” and the wonderful “Opelia Marie” as his inspiration.

His latest song “You Draw” has been recognized across the island. Through this song “Keks Mafia” has gained many more fans, both men and women. He says that he was inspired to write the song “You Draw” through the memory of women that loves to break the hearts of men by using them for their money which he himself has already experienced.

Carlyn Xavier Phillip better known as “Carlyn XP”, a female artist in the music industry responded to Keks Mafia’s song, “You Draw” naming her song, “You Score”.

In humility, Mr. Lennard said that it is “good business for marketing because the beautiful Carlyn XP is greater in the music industry than he is and that all her fans would want to know who’s song she is responding to, and that they would visit his social media accounts and youtube channel.” He also said that he did not take Carlyn XP’s response in a negative way.

In my Opinion, Kevin Lennard is a humble young man who can achieve a lot in this music industry once he stays on the right path. Keep up the good work Mr. Lennard!

The talented “Keks Mafia” has other songs such as “Bike Wi”, “Gwa Da”, “I Fall Bouyon” and many more. He can be found on facebook @Kevin Lennard, and on Youtube and Instagram @ Keks Mafia or his songs can be downloaded at

Akheem Alexis is an English major at the Dominica State College