De la Rosa addressing the press conference

Cuba’s ambassador to Dominica, Juan Carlos Frometa De LA Rosa, has given his country’s commitment to assist in rebuilding Dominica after the island was ravaged by Hurricane Maria.

Speaking at the daily government press briefing on Tuesday he said Cuban groups arrived in Dominica 72 hours after the disaster.

“As I said some weeks ago, Cuba didn’t come to help Dominica after Hurricane Maria hit, we were here,” he stated. “Cuba’s government wants to reinforce our contribution, that is why from the very first moment, we can say after 72 hours Cubans groups came from Cuba to Dominica to help.”

He pointed out that ten days ago a ship from Cuba arrived on the island with supplies to include building material, steel, cement, food, and water.

“At the same time Cuba decided to send two teams in order to work with DOMLEC with the idea to repair or to help to recover the electrical service,” he pointed out. “They have been working for at least one month in Dominica in order to give our contribution to Dominica.”

The ambassador said that ten Cubans with chainsaws also arrived on the island and have been assisting in cutting trees at the Botanical Gardens.

“When finished they will go to the Emerald Pool to continue our contribution,” he said.

He stated that on Monday a team of workers came to Dominica and will be repairing the primary school in Colihaut.

He also said the Cuban scholarship program will continue in the coming years.

De la Rosa noted that all of these shows Cuba’s solidarity with Dominica.

“I always say that we are brother islands, we are sister islands, we are part of the Caribbean, we are ALBA members, this is the solidarity that Cuba could provide to Dominica,” he stated. “I always say, Dominica tell us in what way we can help and we will do it. It is our duty, it is our solidarity it is our spirit to continue to support Dominica.”

Presently there are 80 Cubans working in Dominica in the wake of Maria and they have been assigned here for three months.

There are 20 in search and rescue, 16 working with electricity, 10 with machines/trimmers, 8 contractors, 14 doctors and nurses, 5 working with Public Works, 3 in forestry, and 4 other support persons.

The Cubans have also brought their own food and supplies to provide for their needs for the three-month period.