Quintin Riley is President of CUPS

The Christian Union Primary School (C.U.P.S) Multipurpose Junior Cooperative, the first primary school to be registered as a junior cooperative in Dominica, held its first Annual General Meeting on February 7, 2018.

At the AGM which was supervised by the Cooperative Division, both the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee were elected.

Sevens students were elected to form part of the Board of Directors.

They are: Desra James; Quintin Riley; Renika Joseph; Hannah Joseph; Mercedes Augustine; Denel Henry; Aldean Beaupierre

Seven students were also elected to form part of the Supervisory Committee.

They are: Jarah Jno Baptiste; Jerwin Laville; Ali Xavier; Aliyannah Honore; Merlyna Jno Baptiste; Amil Defoe; Kiarrah Culzac.

The need to expose students to the entrepreneurial environment and Cooperative model of business at an earlier age was the motivating factor in making this a reality. This junior society business is focused on the production of school uniforms, sale of stationaries and agricultural produce. Students will be privileged to be learning all the necessary skills for such activities while being a part of the cooperative.

Addressing the Annual General Meeting was Registrar of Cooperative Mariet Canoville and teacher responsible for the cooperative, Lana Thomas Boyd .

The Board of Directors had its first meeting following the AGM and the executive was elected.

The executive consists of President- Quintin Riley; Vice President- Denel Henry; Secretary- Desra James; Treasurer- Renika Joseph and Marketing; Public Relations Officer- Mercedes Augustine and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer- Hannah Joseph

The executive for the Supervisory Committee was also elected.

The executive consists of President- Jarah Jno Baptiste; Vice President- Amil Defoe; Secretary- Aliyannah Honore; Assistant Secretary/ Treasurer- Kiarrah Culzac.

The Cooperative Societies Act section 15(2) makes it possible for the Registrar of Cooperative to register a junior Cooperative.

A junior Cooperative consists of students below the age of fifteen (15).

Boards of directors meeting