Daniel said the assistance is not for a lifetime

Minister for Social Services, Catherine Daniel, has called on recipients of an emergency cash transfer to make good use of it since it is not to meet their wants but their needs.

On Monday it was announced that an Emergency Cash Transfer initiative was being undertaken by the government in collaboration with the World Food Program and the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), targeting the most vulnerable affected by Hurricane Maria.

Some 25,000 people across the island are expected to benefit.

Daniel described the program as a welcoming gesture for many people but said it should be used wisely.

“What I would like to implore on these people that they have been identified not to meet their wants but that they meet their needs and this money that they are going to receive that they should use it wisely,” she stated.

She stated that the assistance is not for life but only for three months.

Daniel stated that some people were missed during the registration process for the program

“So like everything else, there might be some people we miss but this is not the end of it,” she stated. “We are imploring those we missed or those who know of those we missed to call the hotline because there is still room for adding more people to the list but they have to be vulnerable people it is not a want program it is a needs program.”

In addition to calling the hotline, those who need assistance can go to the Ministry of Social Services and a form can be filled to be part of the program.

Emergency numbers for the program are 277-8667, 285-0989 or 614-3000.