Benoit Bardouille

Bardouille says a number of persons who ply for hire have been operating without permits

The Dominica Air and Seaport Authority (DASPA) will now strictly enforce airport regulations, pertaining to plying for hire, Chief Executive (CEO), Benoit Bardouille, has announced.

In a recent statement, Bardouille referenced airport regulations in relation to plying for hire, noting that several persons do so without the required permit.

“Section 47.01 of the Melville Hall regulations stipulates that persons plying for hire should have a permit from the airport manger, and what we have observed is that a number of persons have been operating without the permits, as required by law,” he said.

He underscored that this rule does not apply to members of the public who visit the airport to pick up their families and friends. Rather, it governs persons who “come to the airport, and have people pay them for a trip to or from the airport.”

The illegal practice, Bardouille said, robs members of the Airport Taxi Association, who abide by the regulations, of the opportunity to obtain more passengers.

“What we are seeking to do is ensure that the Airport Taxi Association persons, who are plying for a living, who pay their licenses to the airport, have the business that comes from the airport if people wish to hire a vehicle,” he explained. “But what we’ve seen also is a number of taxi drivers who have not applied, or were not given a permit, are, in fact doing that; and we want them to desist from doing that.”

Bardouille warned that those who do not comply, will be charged in accordance with the law, and be prosecuted before the magistrate’s court.