Tonge said the announcement on the new Head of Marketing will be made soon

Minister for Tourism and Urban Renewal, Robert Tonge, has revealed that the Government of Dominica is set to announce who will be taking up the position of Head of Marketing at Discover Dominica Authority (DDA).

Ninety individuals from across the Caribbean, including two from Dominica, have applied for the job.

Tonge said that the official announcement will be made later this month, and cabinet has already approved the contract for the new Head, which will take effect from August 21st, 2017.

“One of the other things I know that we were missing at Discover Dominica Authority is that we haven’t had a Head of Marketing for the last couple of years,” he said on State-owned DBS Radio. “So soon we will announce that cabinet has approved a contract for the Head of Marketing of the DDA which is to start on the 21st of August.”

Tonge added that once August 21st comes around, a press conference will be called to reveal who the individual is.

According to him, the DDA has not had a Head of Marketing for a number of years and the step towards finally having one is geared towards enhancing the capabilities of Human Resource within the organization.

He described the Human Recourse recruitment process as very “rigid” in that a number of advertisements for the position were publicized both on a local and international scale and there were 90 applicants.

These applications had to be revised and it had to be ascertained whether or not the requirements were met, which led to the applicants being shortlisted to 21 persons, meaning that more than 70 applications were denied.

Of the two Dominican applicants, according to Tonge, was the short list of the 21 who were further interviewed, bringing the list down from twenty-one to six contenders.

The Cabinet will then have to make the final decision between the last two survivors of the elimination process.