Dennis Joseph

Dennis Joseph

Former Manager of state-owned DBS Radio and broadcaster, Dennis Joseph, has said Dominica has done a bad job in explaining what the World Creole Music Festival (WCMF) is all about.

He made the statement during a lecture earlier this week, organized by DBS Radio, on the role of the media in the 1970’s in promoting Cadence music through the Creole language.

“I think we did a bad job of explaining what it was all about,” he noted. “It’s the public relations that wasn’t there …”

He noted the festival has been seen as three nights of “another big party.”

“We should have told them that this is not what this is all about,” Joseph said. “The young people like their famous Reggae artistes and the festival must make some money, so there is a conflict within which I know is very difficult for the organizers. I hear them being criticized all the time.”

Joseph said what can be done now is to try to set the vision for the festival.

“What is the World Creole Music Festival all about? Is it three nights of pulsating rhythms and that’s it? Or are we trying to talk to the world about us?” he questioned.

Joseph pointed out that a Haitian friend who visited Dominica during the WCMF was amazed that Dominica can produce such an event.

“We are just not using it very well,” he stated.

Joseph believes the vision of the festival must be explained.

“We are all trying to do a little thing here, a little thing there,” he noted. “Get together and explain the vision…This is not another party, we can have that any other time in the year, but this is about us talking to the world.”