Destination Dominica Inc. Presents the 3rd Annual Dominica Day Festival scheduled for Saturday July 21st, 2018 at the Canarsie Park in Brooklyn, New York from 12:00- 8:00 pm.

The event is being held as a means of getting Dominicans in New York and surrounding boroughs to come together in a family fun atmosphere, where they will have an opportunity to interact and enjoy everything Dominican including authentic cuisine, music, dance and traditional games.

A major highlight of the day’s activities will be the staging of a 20/20 friendly cricket match between teams from Dominica and Sri-Lanka.

The cricket teams down to play against each other are The Dominica United Cricket Club based in the Bronx and the East Coast Sri Lankan Cricket Team based in New Jersey.

Organizers are hoping that this cricket match will attract cricket lovers from Dominica and the Sri Lankan communities to come out in droves to support the teams.

While the event is free, monetary contributions are welcome which will go towards continued Hurricane Maria relief efforts in Dominica spearheaded by Destination Dominica Inc.

Following the passage of Hurricane Maria in 2017, Destination Dominica Inc., a none profit organization headed by Dominican Jean Joseph, made significant aid donations to Dominica in the form of food, medical supplies and clothing items.

The Dominica Day event will cater to vendors wishing to sell food. Organizers are requesting that a minimal contribution of only $100 be made to secure a table at the event.

The vending donations will go towards continued Hurricane Maria Relief efforts in Dominica.

The Dominica Mission to the United Nations in New York is collaborating with Destination Dominica staging the event.

An official Dominica booth with support from the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) will be erected at the venue.

Organizers are hoping that this year’s event will be a huge success, ahead of Dominica’s 40th Independence Celebrations to be celebrated in November this year.

Destination Dominica Inc. and the Dominica Mission to the United Nations office wishes to thank all Dominicans in advance for their continued support.