electoral reformThe Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) describes the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) recommendation to the Electoral Commission for electoral reform as nonsensical and a dangerous attempt on free and fair elections in Dominica.

The Party said it is unbelievable that legal minds would sit with the ruling party to put together such an uncivilized and draconian proposal, referred to as Labour Party’s recommendation for electoral reform.

The DFP is of the view that the Labour Party wanted to smuggle such a proposal in the back door and to highjack the process of electoral reform in Dominica but was exposed for their deceitful and unfair political party and government that they are known for. The lies and dishonest behavior was again demonstrated by their usual spin doctors recently.

The Dominica Freedom Party reminds the people of Dominica that the need for proper electoral reform has been around for a while but became more apparent following the 2009 general elections

In 2009 a joint white paper on electoral reform was prepared and agreed to by the Dominica Freedom Party and the United Workers Party. The white paper was submitted to the electoral commission and presented thereafter to the media at a press conference by the then Leaders of the Dominica Freedom Party and United Workers Party, Mrs. Judith Pestaina and Mr. Ron Green respectively

A delegation of the Dominica Freedom Party and the United Workers Party traveled to St. Kitts where a meeting of the heads of government of the OECS was being held to present the case of electoral reform in Dominica. Numerous letters were written by the Dominica Freedom Party and delivered to the chairman of the Electoral Commission and a few protest actions were also held to bring greater awareness to the need for electoral reform in Dominica

The Labour Party and its government showed no interest to the many calls for reform which was clearly articulated by at least Two (2) Former Chiefs Elections Officers in their reports, Election Observers the Dominica Freedom Party, the United Workers Party and others. There are evidence to indicate that the required financial resources were not made available and the efforts of the Commission to move the process forward was frustrated and undermined by the Labour Party Government

The Dominica Freedom Party warns that the Electoral Commission is an Independent body established by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica to ensure the holding of free and fair Elections in the country. The Commission is reminded that they should not be influence by any other Authority and should do all in its power to preserve and maintain the integrity of our democratic process

The Dominica Freedom Party said that all the stack holders must be treated fairly and equally by the electoral commission and it should provide the opportunity without fear or favor for continue discussions to take place and recommendations to arrive at a consensus for proper electoral reform in Dominica