ddosDominica News Online is back online after a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that crippled the site for a couple days.

A DDoS is a malicious attempt to make a server or a network resource unavailable to users by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources.

The attack began last Wednesday and measures were put in place to combat it. Our main page was up and running late Wednesday, into Thursday and we were able to post some stories on Thursday morning.

But the attackers seemed to have found a way around our measures and the site went down again on Thursday morning.

The reason for the attack and those behind it remain unknown, however the severity of the attack clearly shows that it was deliberately done and there are people out there who do not want DNO to be online.

Going forward we have put measures in place to protect the site from such attacks as much as possible.

We thank all our readers who called, sent messages via email, WhatsApp, Facebook and the like. Thank you for your patience and understanding.