Promotion lies ahead for Dominica, now that a new documentary, “The Cove” featuring the island, has won an Academy Award.

“The Cove”, which showcases the yearly killing of dolphins in a Japan town, won the 2010 award for Best documentary on Sunday night in Los Angeles. The film features Dominica as a small island, and its stance with respect to the conservation of whales and dolphins, according to local Conservationist Atherton Martin.

“Because the movie “The Cove” is the academy award winner in the feature documentary category, it is now being shown already in 120 countries around the world, and all the millions of people who will go to see that movie will see that the movie ends, telling the story of this tiny little island, which is now a leader in the protection of whales and other species in the world’s oceans,” Martin expounded.

He said the promotion Dominica will gain from the award-winning film, is “an opportunity that we could never have afforded to pay for.”