The Dominica Amateur Radio Club Incorporated (DARCI) which was founded on the 28th November 1968, held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 17th August 2017at its club house in Canefield to elect a new executive to run its business for the next 5 months. The voting process was conducted by way of secret ballots.

Outgoing President Clement Pierre-Louis (J73CPL) who did not seek re-election, thanked all for their support over the years that he served as president and urged members to continue to be loyal to the club and to reaffirm their obligations, saying that by so doing this noble organisation will move from strength to strength.

Meanwhile the incoming president thanked all who placed their trust and confidence in him by returning him to lead the club for the next five months. Among other things he called on everyone to come together as the club prepares to celebrate the 55th Emerald Anniversary of the club this November 2017.

The club has a mandate to advance the art of amateur radio on the island; one of the ways this can be done is by training new hams. Anna Royer (J72ANR) a Pharmacist and Hilkiah Lavinier (J72HGL) a Businessman are among a few who were successful in obtaining their licence after completing training this year.

Additionally, the club has plans to improve the FM repeater coverage on the island with the reintroduction of the Morne Aux Diable repeater. This will further help in providing radio coverage into the North Eastern part of the island.

The following persons make up the DARCI New Executive:
Clement James (J73CI) Operations and Maintenance, John Mitchel (J73MH) Field Day Coordinator, Charles Raymond (J73CCR) Treasurer, Anna Royer (J72ANR) Fund Raiser, Gordon Royer (J73GAR) Vice President, Hilkiah Lavinier (J72HGL) Secretary and Joseph Raymond Seating (J73RJ) President/Education