Advisories and warnings for Irma

As Dominica and the rest of the northern Caribbean monitor the movement of Hurricane Irma and the potential devastation from category 5 hurricane strength winds, high rainfall, mudslides, flooding and other harmful effects associated with such a natural hazard, the Dominica Business Forum wishes to advise the population and, in particular, the private sector, to take all the necessary measures to safeguard life and property.

The Dominica Business Forum wishes to bring to the attention of the business community, especially those with inventory of goods in their business places and warehouses, that special provision should be made to secure their facilities since there are predators who are waiting the opportunity to take advantage of the vulnerability that their facilities are exposed to.

It is important to note that a significant amount of the loss suffered by the business sector in the aftermath of Hurricane David in 1979, was not associated with the hurricane but the rampant looting, theft and vandalism of private sector enterprises which continued for days after the hurricane.

Property owners who reside away from their establishments are advised to put additional security measures in place since they may not be able to access their property immediately after the event.

The private sector is also advised to cooperate with the relevant authorities and take heed of any advisories issued related to Hurricane Irma.

The Dominica Business Forum joins the rest of the population in prayer and trust that the almighty Father will protect our homeland and the other islands of the Caribbean as we continue to monitor Hurricane Irma and also recognizing that the 2017 Hurricane season is not yet at its peak which is September 12th, 2017.

Stay safe and remember that God always protects his people.