Fellow Dominicans, 

In observance of Easter, we hope that this period will provide an opportunity for all of us to reflect and recommit to the things that matter the most: our families, our friends, our communities and our country. 

Citizens of any given nation are inherently connected, not by race, not by status, not by religion, not by political parties but by shared virtues and values. Virtues and Values of equality, justice,  peace, freedom, order, truth, liberty, responsibility and love. As a people, as a nation we seem to have lost what brings us together and it’s time for a paradigm shift- a shift that demonstrates these values in our everyday interaction; a shift that fosters growth and development of us as a people; a shift whereby we take responsibility for our actions and inactions, a shift in our social tolerance. 

We are the citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dominica is and will always be home. . . It’s up to each one of us, to be a good, responsible, and caring citizen. It’s up to us to promote the values that gave us this gem to call home. Let’s care for each other more and work together to build up our country. It is time we band together as responsible citizens and start fighting to maintain our freedom, accountability and dignity; It’s time we stand up and fight to protect our values and the continuity of us as a people. It is time! 

Have a peaceful and loving Easter!

From People For Progress family to yours.