Some of the supplies received

Some of the supplies received

President of the Dominica Guadeloupe Association (DGA) Maymont Paul says they have teamed up with other associations such as the L’association Contacts et Recherches Caraïbes (CO.RE.CA), as well as the scouts association in Gaudeloupe and are also playing their part in supplying the island with much needed relief following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika.

He told Dominica News Online that the Dominicans living in the neighboring French island as well as Guadeloupeans have joined hands in supporting the cause.

He said about 10 chattered yachts from Guadeloupe have voluntarily made the trip to Portsmouth with boat loads of water and dry goods.

“The Dominicans in Guadeloupe are doing a great job,” he said. “We are grateful to work together with the Guadeloupe people and we are happy to see their desire to help Dominican people in Guadeloupe and together we can make a difference.”

Paul said supplies are being distributed in a proper and transparent way.

“What we want to see is transparency and I am happy that I am on the island to observe and to see what is going on and I am going to give a report that everything is being done in the best way,” he said.