Dominica to work with Russia for world peace – PM Skerrit

PM Skerrit addressing a panel discussion in Russia recently

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has revealed that Dominica plans to have discussions with the Russian government over future bilateral projects and programs, including dealing with the issue of world peace.

He was addressing the media on Friday following the contract signing for the design of a National Multi-Sporting Complex in Dominica.

Skerrit said that he sees Dominica playing a role in putting an end to “all these wars and civil wars across the world.”

“I am hoping that in the near future we can work on a number of very important bilateral projects and programs but also dealing with issues of world peace; to bring to an end all of these wars and civil wars all across the world. It is having a serious impact on the way of life of everybody in the world,” he said.

Last week Skerrit visited Russia where he spoke during a panel discussion on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. He also met Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, who described Dominica as Russia’s most promising partner in the Caribbean.

Skerrit said that “although we do not have the means,” it is still necessary to lend a hand in creating peace, considering that the country is a member of the world community.

“I believe that as small as we are as a country, though we do not have the means, but at least we can be part of the process of finding peace and working towards peace and tranquility in the world, we are part of the world community and we have a responsibility and obligation and we should not believe that we do not have a part to play in this…we have to assert ourselves in the architecture,” Skerrit remarked.

In fact, not only does Skerrit think that Dominica is part of the world community and should offer its assistance in whatever way possible, he also believes that the Caribbean community on a whole should be represented as a means of advancing their developmental interests.

He said that although he represented Dominica during the trip to Russia, he also tried to represent the Caribbean community.

“I represent Dominica, but when I go to these countries, as people will know, I always seek to represent the Caribbean community and to advance the interest of the Caribbean Community because I am a regionalist, I am an integrationist; I believe in integration, I believe in helping each other…So wherever I can speak on behalf of the Caribbean Community, I speak on behalf of the Caribbean Community, in advancing the interest of the whole of CARICOM,” Skerrit said.

He also took a swap at the Opposition who he said has been criticizing the trip.

“I find it strange that the Opposition is criticizing my trip to Russia. These guys forget that the Russian Ambassador came to Dominica last year 2016 to celebrate our 20th anniversary of Diplomatic relations in Dominica and Russia, and all of the UWP guys were there. Lennox Linton was there, Joseph Isaac was there, they were there shouting ‘hail to Putin,’ and I go to Russia and they sit there criticizing me,” Skerrit remarked.

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  1. Leonid Brezhnev
    June 13, 2017

    Skerrit please stop using Dominica in your nonsense. This is absolute rubbish.. what next Albert Henry DeSalvo aka the Boston Strangler rallied against violence towards women? or Sergey Golovkin legacy should be celebrated with day-cares named after him? First you tried to softly make this trip pass as if you were a CARICOM Envoy, Mr George asked for clarification, tune change. If you read more on your own, instead of scripted garbage that you only try to use as cover-up, those ignorant and transparent blunders would not be made. A man bombing other countries, oppressing people in his, and threatening to war with others is interested in which World Peace? just now you will say Russia is even more neutral than Switzerland. Tell the real purpose of you strange trip, because Dominica and Russia have had long relations, so you added nothing to the diplomatic ties.. CBI campaign? Was Steve Ferrol the ONLY person on the trip with you??? hmmmm

  2. Anthony P. Ismael
    June 13, 2017

    I understand that this statement was written for the Labor Supporters who just received a free home, free money from the Red Clinic and free pampers for their children. In their eyes, the Dear Leader is magical and mystical. What about Crimea? What about Syria? We know that this meeting was about securing some free stuff for Dominica and I have no problem with that, but World Peace? Nope. You can’t influence World Peace if you do not have nuclear weapons. We can’t even house our Police Officers in Portsmouth.

  3. marie-claire R Skerrit
    June 13, 2017

    This man and his party is taking Dominica back from all the progress it has mad. Shame Shame on this greedy soul

  4. Margaret Tellepart (Colihaut)
    June 13, 2017

    My 6 yr old really loves Dr. Skerrit. She came running to me today with her tablet open. ”Mommy, mommy, she giggled. “Here’s that man with the dimples again! What’s he doing now?”. ”He’s in Russia now trying to help with with world peace”, I said. ”How is he going to do that and what about us? Don’t we need money and stuff? Couldn’t he do Dominica first and then world peace after?”, she said. I responded: ”Don’t really know. It’s all very confusing. We are a small, poor country with no jobs here, a hospital that guarantees death if you go to it for any reason, but our leaders are some of the richest people in the Caribbean who now want to help other countries achieve peace’.

    She frowned: “So Mr. Dimples is not a very nice man, is that what you are saying?”.
    ”Not really”, I said. ”He is just looking out for himself and his friends ……………….. She started to cry:…

    • June 14, 2017

      No sense at all. You just sou d like a good story teller. Go write a childrens book.!!

    • Dr. Skerrit, Special Envoy for Russia in Syria
      June 19, 2017

      Don’t worry Ms. Tellepart. Dr. Skerrit, I understand has got his just desserts. I understand Mr. Putin has just appointed him Special Envoy for Syria for the Russian Federation.

      It seems that the Hon. Dr. will be based on Mosul and solely in charge of negotiating peace with ISIS. Now how’s that for poetic justice :)

  5. Ideal
    June 13, 2017

    PM Skerrit, you have become the laughing stock of the world. You talking about “dealing with the issue of world peace.”. Man make peace in Dominica first, stop inciting your people to attack the opposition or any one that does not agree with you. For peace you need to be truthful, have a clean hand have integrity. When all this is accomplished then let us talk world peace. Stop being stupid you making people think Dominicans are all dotish

  6. June 13, 2017

    Politics aside :!:

    The Lord Jesus said *Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.*

    It is good and proper to encourage and promote peace in the home, the community, the government, and the world.

    However, an ancient Hebrew prophet warned his people *When they say shall peace and safety then sudden destruction shall come upon them. * There is such thing as false peace. It is deceptive and short lasting.

    Christians who read their Bible know Christ is our peace because HE made peace by the blood of His cross.

    Know Christ know peace.
    No Christ no peace.

    They also know there will be no peace until the Prince of Peace returns :!: In that day He will sit upon the Throne of His ancestor David in Jerusalem. His nail pierced Hand will raised the scepter over the nations . Every knee will bow and ever tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    • June 13, 2017


      Until then let the rulers of all nations treat the Nation of Israel with grace because this will determined the measure of the blessing of God upon their own nation. God has said He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. Eventually – and not far into the future – Israel will possess and
      rule all the land God promised to Abraham and his descendants.

      I hope Mr. Skerrit will not to join with any nation that is not for Israel. The ultimate ruin of any nation that opposes Israel is a disaster foretold in the word of God.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill

    • analy thomas
      June 13, 2017

      It is that simple. Not political but true. That’s all!

  7. d-a born
    June 13, 2017

    World peace….hahahahaha

    Lemme go finish eat my breakfast

    June 13, 2017

    WORLD PEACE… with russia/putin…..hahhhahahhahhhhhhhaaaaaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.
    oh my god. how can we achieve peace with someone that dont believe in GOD.

  9. mine
    June 13, 2017

    Honestly I am not infavor of that Russia business everywhere is staying away from Russia.

  10. Next Level
    June 13, 2017

    Who vex bust… Our Primiere Minister going to cheach Putting how to have piece in Seeria and those place like that nah man. But mister Docktar nutting sof nah :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Look It
      June 13, 2017

      You should never post again because your spelling is atrocious …. but that is the caliber people that support everything Skerrit does…. do not have the brain capacity to do logical or rational thinking

      • Me
        June 13, 2017

        Amen! If that is the caliber of Skerrit supporters may God have mercy on us

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  11. Let The Truth Be Known - Original
    June 12, 2017

    The PM has a reason to state that. If we interact with others, we should have a peaceful association. We should also speak our thoughts on what matters and what affects the world. What affects it affects us, wherever we reside.
    According to the words of a song, “The world’s our home” even though it is temporary and, “We are the world. We are the children of the world.” While we are here we are to promote peace. Blessed are the peacemakers.
    It is foolish to criticize the PM. Those of you who do project your ignorance. You do not want peace for the world; not even for your country. You are a sad lot and bad conversationalists. You are not pleasing God; not pleasing to Him. How can you obtain eternal life if you are not peaceful, do not promote it and laugh at it?
    How could you live in peace and at peace with yourself and with others? Shall I say you are a miserable lot? This is what you project by criticizing and judging the PM.
    Let there peace . . . .

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      June 12, 2017

      Let there be peace on earth . . . Peace is flowing like a river . . . Make me an instrument of your peace . . . Peace perfect peace!
      Note all those peace songs and there are more. We are obligated to be peaceful and to spread peace. Those who are Christians should know this very well and practice it without fail. They should not question it. They should not laugh at it. They should not criticize it.
      I have a strong feeling, by your comments which are in your heart, mind and soul, a lot of you critics are heaping eternal burning coals on your heads. You need to ask God forgiveness and to pray and make reparation for all what you state which are unbecoming and shows you are not loving people but haters.
      Stop placing curses on yourselves. They also fall on your household, your family and your endeavors. Then you will blame the PM for your misfortune. This is mortal and spiritual food for thought.

    • Look It
      June 13, 2017

      You reaching …..come on that’s the best you can do to make sense of the crap Skerrit is trying to sell.

  12. Damas Victor
    June 12, 2017

    A dum- in- a- can
    Wanna-be- American
    Turn Russian

  13. DA/
    June 12, 2017

    Russia was allegedly involved in trying to manipulate US and France elections . God father to Iran and Assad Syria. Syria?….Please..our region is relatively quite peaceful .

  14. ella
    June 12, 2017

    Dominica? World peace? eh beh look it…

  15. truth , shall set you free
    June 12, 2017

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, What a laugh, I told dominicans that soon skerit is going to tell dominicans that he is working on to sending them to heaven,
    Lord, Is this man for real?, A man who do not believe in justice, Wants to put world peace,
    Thank God for the records,

  16. Admin: Everything submitted on your site does not constitute a law suit: There is always a source of information. I assume the administration did not like the name of the person I said submitted the information in another forum, because they say they taking action against him in Dominica! But there is nothing to fear, since the Monroe Policy was even implemented in Grenada. This is simply educational!

    The Monroe Doctrine was articulated in President James Monroe’s seventh annual message to Congress on December 2, 1823. The European powers, according to Monroe, were obligated to respect the Western Hemisphere as the United States’ sphere of interest.

    President James Monroe’s 1823 annual message to Congress contained the Monroe Doctrine, which warned European powers not to interfere in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere.

    Understandably, the United States has always taken a particular interest in its closest neighbors – the nations of the Western Hemisphere. Equally…

    • Continue:

      Equally understandably, expressions of this concern have not always been favorably regarded by other American nations.

      The Monroe Doctrine is the best known U.S. policy toward the Western Hemisphere. Buried in a routine annual message delivered to Congress by President James Monroe in December 1823, the doctrine warns European nations that the United States would not tolerate further colonization or puppet monarchs. The doctrine was conceived to meet major concerns of the moment, but it soon became a watchword of U.S. policy in the Western Hemisphere.

      The Monroe Doctrine was invoked in 1865 when the U.S. government exerted diplomatic and military pressure in support of the Mexican President Benito Juárez. This support enabled Juárez to lead a successful revolt against the Emperor Maximilian, who had been placed on the throne by the French government.

      Almost 40 years later, in 1904, European creditors of a number of Latin American countries threatened armed…

    • Finally:

      Almost 40 years later, in 1904, European creditors of a number of Latin American countries threatened armed intervention to collect debts. President Theodore Roosevelt promptly proclaimed the right of the United States to exercise an “international police power” to curb such “chronic wrongdoing.” As a result, U. S. Marines were sent into Santo Domingo in 1904, Nicaragua in 1911, and Haiti in 1915, ostensibly to keep the Europeans out. Other Latin American nations viewed these interventions with misgiving, and relations between the “great Colossus of the North” and its southern neighbors remained strained for many years.

      In 1962, the Monroe Doctrine was invoked symbolically when the Soviet Union began to build missile-launching sites in Cuba. With the support of the Organization of American States, President John F. Kennedy threw a naval and air quarantine around the island. After several tense days, the Soviet Union agreed to withdraw the missiles and dismantle the…

    • The End:

      President John F. Kennedy threw a naval and air quarantine around the island. After several tense days, the Soviet Union agreed to withdraw the missiles and dismantle the sites. Subsequently, the United States dismantled several of its obsolete air and missile bases in Turkey.

      (Information excerpted from Milestone Documents [Washington, DC: The National Archives and Records Administration, 1995] pp.

      • Tjebe fort
        June 13, 2017

        You know what Francisco, you may be right , you may be wrong but you using so much verbage I can not read it again. Keep it short bro.

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  17. Locs Girl
    June 12, 2017

    The Russians are coming, just like the Chinese did.

    • toutes D/Cien aveg
      June 13, 2017

      Idi Amin expulsed all Asian indians (Ugandan born at that) from Uganda in 1971
      Once U have power u do what u want .No law no constituition can stop any one.
      If u get what ah mean

  18. Malgraysa
    June 12, 2017

    PS. Don’t forget that we already have a close link to the Kremlin through Russian oligarch Omar Mirtuzaliev, a close friend of President Putin, who holds a Dominican passport and was the Commercial Attache at our High Commission in London during Francine Baron’s posting there ( 2012 -2014, as previously reported by Angelo Allen). Mr. Mirtuzuliev resides in the tax haven of Monaco while his son Timur maintains an exclusive abode in London’s Regents Park.

  19. Neg
    June 12, 2017

    The utterances and actions of you and those surrounding you, on political platforms and on the animal show does not suggest to me that you are a lover of peace, please remember “go to hell, call them traitors, susay sell, Al-Qaeda and the drones, sought them out, cockroach. rats, pigs and so on, to me all these are words or war, if you were peace loving you would distance yourself from those people speaking such rubbish, “show me your friends and I will tell you how you are” “birds of a feather flock together” I will only believe you when you make it clear that you are in no way in support of the things your mouthpieces have said and is saying.

  20. Laplaine Observer
    June 12, 2017

    Really? Dominica playing a role in putting an end to all these wars? If countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, and all these major super powers have failed in putting an end to these wars, how can Skeritt accomplish this goal? This is just a front to establish relations with Putin. But remember GRENADA after the Cuban influence became a strategic threat to the US.

  21. dissident
    June 12, 2017

    Skerrit is trying hard to leave a mark for de history books.

    De man calling for war against an elected opposition even with 15 out of 21 seats in Parliament. De man offered Olive leaf after last election. Following Erika he invited Lennox to dialogue concerning reconstruction​ and admitted and praised Lennox for his impeccable character and general input!!

    He took back all the praise following the CABS interview!

    That peace offering was never genuine……. You can’t make peace in your own house yet you want to falsley characterize yourself as a world peace maker.

    What a big fat joke Skerrit!

  22. Gullible
    June 12, 2017

    All I I’m sure of what ever we are looking for we will surely get it. Just keep letting those kinds of things happen, leader taking us to hell, by the time you can say the word it will be too late

  23. Donald_Trump_IQ_156
    June 12, 2017

    You cannot achieve peace by aiding the selling of Iranian oil the UN put sanctions on them to prevent war in the middle east, you cannot achieve peace by giving Madueke a diplomatic passport, she take it to escape her crimes from Nigeria, and you cannot achieve peace by starving poor venezuelans, if you want world peace in Dominica and the rest of the world SkerritMustGo!

  24. %
    June 12, 2017

    Russia is at war with many of its neighbours.Skerrit is at war with the opposition..He told his FOOL,to go to their faces and call them TRAITOR..This man is such a doggone HYPOCRITE!!! I think what Dominica needs is “Free and Fair Elections”,for the people to kick you out!

  25. free
    June 12, 2017

    Yeah right….start to put peace in Venezuela Mr. PM…

  26. motorhead
    June 12, 2017

    Hahahahaha. That’s a really funny headline. I like it. Someone definitely has a sense of humour.

  27. Prolific
    June 12, 2017

    Good move MR.PM.The Russians will build factories and create jobs, give life a chance, everything worth a try. They need the food and we need the factories. You have to give to get. SEE WHAT HAPPEN TO THE UK.the people unite and put the government knickers in the twist. That will teach them.

    • Tjebe fort
      June 13, 2017

      What factories bro? I see even Yvor Nassief importing bottled water form St. Lucia now and his cousin from Trinidad it cheaper than our own. That is the truth. Be real.

  28. June 12, 2017

    Here goes the Punjab PhD again speaking his parrot language; bro you abandoned the people of Venezuela in their time of need (peace and tranquility) after enjoying the fruits of their labor ;now you in Russia doing what? Looking for another PhD? bondie!!!!! look Putin arresting opposition leaders for protest; does that not ring a bell Dominicans ”world peace” give me a break.

    • NUWPl
      June 12, 2017

      Arresting opposition members? Boy I DONT KNOW WHAT LENNOX DOING OUTSIDE STILL.

      I wish Lennox was opposition leader in Russia boy.
      Dominica should take a foot from Russia MR BLESSINGS. Sorry CURSING.

  29. Dan is de man in de Van
    June 12, 2017

    Skerit I have one advice for you . Clean your mess up before meddling in other country’s affairs…

  30. June 12, 2017

    working with russia to form a new world order you guys meant

  31. Jonathan St jean
    June 12, 2017

    Pity the fool,why does he want to involve Dominica in major geopolitical matters.Donkey have no right in horse race.The same Russia which invaded Crinea,the same Russia which interferes in the democratic institutions of the west to create havoc,the same Russia which kills the opponents of the Kremlin,is that the country which Skerritt is telling us wants world peace,it sounds like world domination and mayhem to me.Oh Lord,the Punjab doctor is totally confused and has lost his reason.Skerritt, leave Dominica out of this mess, Please

      June 12, 2017

      Are you pitting your self? I think you are the biggest fool. Shallow minded. You can’t see further than the tip of your toes.

      • @KiD ON THE BLOCK June 12, 2017

        I salute your comment!

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 0 Thumb down 8
      • Me
        June 13, 2017

        The expression is “tip of your nose” Kid. Some people are so gonflay and myopic they have no sight of their toes anyway. Besides, you wouldn’t want to insult legless people, would you? The original expression is painful enough for those of us, who are blind.

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    • Man bites Dogs
      June 12, 2017

      @: Jonathan st Jean,
      What do you know about World peace you tell me? And i will tell you what i know, for a start you lots Linton and Edison James Workers cult following party are all idiots crabs in a zink pan, Now did you know that the Americans and British have been doing more to destabilise world peace more than anyone else in this world? Did you know that the UK and USA are the two biggest military weapons off war selling nations because of big money to be made from it all.I could tell you more but i will certainly leave you to be ignorant on that knowledge bye.

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      June 12, 2017

      Some of you never forget the past. You use the past to criticize and judge. Live and let live. All appears to be quiet in Russia.
      It is good for the Russian authority to see how people live in other parts of the world. At least, generally Dominicans get along. There is no war in Dominica. Nationals look relatively happy. This is what the Russian Ambassador observed when he visited Dominica and other islands, if he visited elsewhere. He should also visit D/ca at certain times of celebrations.
      Sweet Dominica, a peaceful country. This is what visitors see on the onset. Some wish they could reside there permanently.

  32. mr Dominica
    June 12, 2017

    this is the same man who told Hugo Chavez in caracas that he would be in power for 50 more years who PROMISED TO WORK to unite China and TIWAN . Is he aware that Russia recently invaded a country and annex half its land ? I mentioned this before but let me repeat that the late prime minister of saint lucia said cockroach have no business in fowl fight .I think Skeritt should walk around Dominica to see the number of young men sitting smoking weed and other drugs all day starting at wesley sams gutter at marigot, stop the courts from giving drug dealers and importers slap on the wrist by giving them long jail time and confiscation of property instead of wasting the time that he is paid for just blowing horn in the wind

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      June 12, 2017

      Your comment has absolutely no bearing whatsoever with the article.

  33. Look it
    June 12, 2017

    A DELUSION OF GRANDEUR is the fixed, false belief that one possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth. It is most often a symptom of schizophrenia, but can also be a symptom found in psychotic personality!

  34. Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit, working with Russia for World peace? Russia which destroys even it next door neighbors, by creating entropy in neighboring countries, and in the process sending troops in and annex the countries simply to destroy their democracy.

    The only hope of saving Dominica, from Putin, and Roosevelt Skerrit is this:

    “In 1823, the American President, James Monroe, promulgated a national policy which has served the region well for almost 200 years. He stated that no foreign power or nation would be allowed to enter, and take over, any of the republics of the Western Hemisphere, nor could they install a puppet ruler.”

    As far as far as I am concerned Skerrit is now a tool and puppet of Russia, hence the Monroe policy can be utilized by the United States to get Skerrit out of there and free Dominica from the bondage of economic slavery, and saving our nation from becoming an autocracy!

    Had it not be for the Monroe Policy, Grenada would be an autocracy with a…

    • Continue:

      Had it not for the Monroe Policy, Grenada would be an autocracy with a puppet dictator in 2017. Eugenia Charles knew of the Monroe doctrine, and policy of 1823, that is why she called on the then late President Ronald Regan to get the Cuban, and Russians out of Grenada. Some of us remember the less than one day it took the U. S. Marines to kick some Butt, expelling the Russians.

      We should be concern about this!

      When a Russian woman goes to Dominica and open a rum-shop, we should be suspicious! The CIA should be concern; A bar, or rum shop whatever it is term, is not an industry; as to say Dominicans are not inebriated enough, therefore it takes a Russian so come to sell our people more rum.

      Could this be a set up for money laundering! Watch out CIA!

      • Man bites Dogs
        June 12, 2017

        @ Francisco, The Russian would never open a rum shop it would be a Vodka shop stupid even then CIA or Jack frost would not be able to do one crap about it me old son put that in your pipe and smoke it :lol:

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      • June 12, 2017

        This isn’t 1983. The Americans aren’t going to invade just because Dominica deepens an already existing relationship with Russia. And the rest of what you said about rum shops and money laundering and CIA and thing is just fantasy nonsense.

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    • Man bites Dogs
      June 12, 2017

      @:Francisco above
      I would not take any notice of that guy he tells so many lies he thinks we are stupid brainless like him, the Americans for years have been walking into other people countries smashed the hell out of it and then walk away from it all, I’m not saying Russian are any better off these two because every so often the UK Royal air force have to get the Russian out of the UK air space one day something will happen.

    • So, Man Bite Dog what is the difference in rum and Vodka!

      Don’t you know that Vodka is alcohol too, and processing is the same? The fact is if there is a Russian woman in Dominica involved in the operation of a Night Club, Bar, or Rum shop, that is highly inappropriate, and should by every means arouse suspicions.

      That is not normal business!

      We can import vodka from Russia if need be; we do not need a Russian going to sell rum and beer to our people; in that case they are taking from the country rather bringing wealth into the country. We want technological industries in our country, not smut and filth, not corrupted business, which sole purpose appears to be money laundering, or headquarters for spies, and the introduction of autocracy in our country.

    • Okay Steve: Nevertheless, it is because of the Monroe doctrine which gave the late President Ronald Regan the right to take Grenada back from Cuba, and Russia, preventing communism from talking hold in Grenada. You need to probably pay a little attention and figure out what Putin is doing around the world today.

      If he was capable of influencing the outcome of the last general election in the United States, what do you think he can do to a shallow minded man like Skerrit?

      Skerrit is going to become the puppet Putin will try to keep in power in Dominica, when that becomes obvious, the United States will have cause to invade Dominica, and put an end to Skerrit’s reign!

      Don’t you think for one moment that the CIA and such organizations are not monitoring Skerrit’s foolish behavior! Time will tell!

      You say what happened when Russia tried to install missiles in Cuba in 1961/62, you remember what Kennedy did?

  35. Laborite takig a kix
    June 12, 2017

    LOL! Mr. PM, I’m a laborite and support my PM and my govt but I honestly take a good kix on that one. With all due respect you are dealing with Putin. Putin and World Peace don’t go together.

  36. weh
    June 12, 2017

    I believe his primary objective is to start selling passports in Russia.

      June 12, 2017

      And even if, what’s your point?

      • viewsexpressed
        June 13, 2017

        Thanks for asking, The point is this PM is inept, heads a very corrupt government, it is all a publicity stunt. The point is this corrupt Labour government under this inept PM, has brought \Dominica into deep poverty. This PM is useless, clueless, pointless, visionless and stupid less.
        This is all PR hypocrisy. You cannot take care of your own poor backyard you wanna go sweep the neighbours own. Man PM, Skerrit, Go to Hell, Go To Hell.

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    • June 12, 2017

      That’s the truth and if Dominicans believe that Skerrit taking care of business they are wrong and behind back, think of the statement Dominica helping Russia to bring peace in this world are we so gullible we just accept everything he tells us, my God we have to wake up our Island is going to hell in a basket and the people just sit down and do nothing, so don’t tell me his suggestion about helping Russia a country that is on the hot seat with the USA that we find ourselves dragging behind.

    • Malgraysa
      June 12, 2017

      I think we can discount that because that option has been available for a long time, first though locally based, Russian owned CBI agent CCP and later through Apex Capital Parners. who are also authorized agents for the CBI programme They too have an office in Roseau (Kennedy Ave.) as well as a Moscow based one.
      No, I think the agreements signed last Nov. between Russia and Dominica go deeper than that and maybe tied to the strategic importance of Dominica’s location, how that could be utilized and make Skerrit some big bucks. Don’t be surprised if we see a dedicated diplomatic permanent presence of the Russian Federation in Dominica before too long.

  37. Titiwi
    June 12, 2017

    CNN reported this morning that the largest single group of asylum seekers in the U.S.A. today are Venezuelans. This has been reported on before by the likes of Fox news. However, in order not be accused of having a right-wing agenda I refer to an article in the left orientated Guardian of the U.K. reporting likewise. Venezuela, under the headline “Venezuela asylum claims in the US soar as economic crisis deepens”.
    I trust that , in his quest for world peace, Mr. Skerret also mentioned this to the Russian government and expressed his concerns for the suffering people of Venezuela, the country of birth of his erstwhile mentor and benefactor and with which both Dominica and Russia enjoy a close relationship.

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      June 12, 2017

      CNN did not mention the Mexicans? I think CNN is bias. Some have built tunnels to the US and to ply their drug trade. Today, they go to Canada and apply for refugee status. This is why President Trump said he will build a wall. It is to keep out (mostly) the Mexicans.

      • Me
        June 13, 2017

        You are pathetic Truth and losing your marbles. The only emotion you engender in me is one of pity.

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  38. done&done
    June 12, 2017

    “World peace?” Boy I like mister cause he does crack me up. They down a passenger plane and blamed in on Russia, what did Russia say? “NOT ME.” Blamed for hitting US backed fighters in Syria and killing civilians; What did Russia say? “NOT ME” Blamed for interference in US 2016 Presidential Election: What did Russia say? “NOT ME.” SHAGGY Honey came in and she caught me right handed, Creeping with the girl next door, Picture this we were both butt naked (SKERAT @ PUTIM) banging on the bathroom door. “IT WASN’T ME.”


  39. stupendous
    June 12, 2017

    but he change his tongue man; while addressing the round table he said he was representing CARICOM now he is saying he is talking on behalf of CARICOM he is a confused man. CARICOM is a well constituted body therefore if you are representing or speaking on behalf you better have clearance to do so. What may have been politically correct for him to say is something like – although not officially representing CARICOM or talking on its behalf I am confident that my colleagues will not mind me saying that CARICOM like Dominica is interested in deepening …………… etc etc; but to boldly say you speaking on behalf or representing when you know you do not have that mandate or authority is madness. and I think he smell the rat because the CARICOM Secretariat knew nothing of it – so now he is trying to water it down.

  40. Tjebe fort
    June 12, 2017

    Roosevelt man, I underestimated you. Russia must have taken your advice seriously because today they arrested the opposition leader in that country for organizing protests and speaking his mind. Roosevelt, you are telling us they learn that form you, are you brother? Well, well, you even smarter than Putain.

  41. analy thomas
    June 12, 2017

    Your intention may be good but the only true peace we will find is in Christ Jesus. As we speak, world leaders are preparing to implement the one world government which will deceive the nations and provoke a great falling.
    44 of the 56 signers of the declaration of Independence were Freemasons of the European order meaning that they were determined to building an occult form of a democracy that was based on the Atlantean scheme led by Sir Francis Bacon. Atlantis citizens thought that they took orders from ancient gods and were destroyed because they turned their backs on them.
    here’s a simple source summary even of Freemasons.

    Peace is found in Jesus Christ people. We are slipping away.
    May God’s name be praised.

    • Me
      June 12, 2017

      Religious babble is not going to save us but helps to fill the coffers, tax free, of pious organisations in cahoots with suppressive leaders to maintain the status quo. It serves them well. Pharisees are alive and well amongst us.

      • analy thomas
        June 12, 2017

        Let the economists save us! let the world leaders save us! Let our physical needs be met and let us bathe in money and vanity and the lusts thereof. Continue to live in ignorance and mischief that there is no evil, therefore there is no good.
        We must differentiate between religion and spirituality. God is spiritual! He sees through the hearts of men. Why do so many people take offense toward the word of God who has promised nothing but life and prosperity in all aspects and support the negative, selfish indulgent?
        Just as in the days of Noah so too will the coming of man be! Look around you and notice the distractions of rumors of war while Satan establishes himself!
        Religious babble will not help us but faith in Jesus Christ will. He never said that there will be no trouble but he said that he will be with us always.
        I believe with all of my heart and i trust that you will. I Don’t know you but much love to you!
        Kneel before him, he is Lord of Lords and is coming back…

        Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 11 Thumb down 3
    • June 12, 2017

      real talk and skerrit is also a freemason . these people are so distracted and so asleep

    • @analy thomas June 12, 2017

      We cannot have the peace of Christ Jesus and not put it on display through our works of Love. I perceive the guidance of Holy Spirit through those word of the Prime Minister, he is speaking about the of Jesus, which will be manifested all over the world, as God chooses His servants of the World to bring forth that peace–had Pm Skerrit not been one of those servants, those words would not come from his mind through his mouth

      • Correction: He is speaking about the peace of Jesus

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      • Elizabeth, I always thought you were crazy, but only now I am sure you are more than simply delusional, you are absolutely crazy!

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      • analy thomas
        June 13, 2017

        “We cannot have the peace of Christ Jesus and not put it on display through our works of Love”. That’s very true. I also want you to know that i am not lashing at the prime minister. What i do know is that there is a counterfeit of a lot of things of God in this world. Things which the natural man cannot understand. To live in the spirit is different from living in the flesh and this is something which must be experienced in order to understand clearly. Psalm 91 says he that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High. Not who visits.
        In my opinion, i cannot determine who is good or bad by just looking at someone because i would be exercising judgement and only God sees through the hearts of men.
        I do know one thing:
        Things of both worlds are beginning to be revealed.
        The question is how do you discern the counterfeit from the authentic?
        Only Jesus Christ can give you that gift! It is free and available to everyone who repents and follows his ways. Open up your heart to…

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  42. jihan
    June 12, 2017

    Skerrit Russia is not about peace brother,Putin has one dream is to conqueror the world,which will never happen,and go to war with America,Russians have no love for black people,what planet are you on Skerrit?

    • Roosevelt Skerrit…………. who will never understand. All he understands right now is that he is in the news in Dominica, which makes him appear to be defecating in high grass. The locals will read that and believe Skerrit is doing great.

      When I was a little boy in Wesley, I would hear people say “when you s…” (defecating) in long (tall) grass, be careful because the grass might cut you behind!

      We here of the G7’s and G8’s of Governments: Russia is not a member of any of the two, so how is Skerrit and Putin going to work together for world peace! Someone need to remind Roosevelt that in Russia, and internationally anybody who opposes Putin, are found dead.

      Members of there opposition are poisoned, they turn green, they have to come to the United States to get rid of the poison in the system, one died in England a couple years ago. Good for you Roosevelt you have peaked into the right circle, I hope you will not have any regrets!

  43. viewsexpressed
    June 12, 2017

    Skerrit Shut your damn mouth and go clean your backyard, where you dirty Dominica before you come up with your nonsense about “playing a role in putting an end to “all these wars and civil wars across the world.”
    My advice to you is playing a role in putting an end to corrupt, poor governance, lack of transparency and civil division you have perpetrated across the Dominica.” You run our decent Dominica as if it is your private property. You are politically incompetent and politically illiterate about good governance, accountability and decency in public office. It is time that y9ou take your supporting cronies with you and go to Russia or China. Go take care of their welfare. Bloody idiot.
    Skerrit must Go…just go you are a Failure and bloody disappointment.

  44. Christopher Columbus
    June 12, 2017

    Laughter is a medicine so at the present state of Dominica let’s all relax a bit and take a good doze off Doctor Skerrit’s medical laughter, to ease our stress in DOMINICA.

    • Venezuela Sorry
      June 12, 2017

      I agree completely, laughter is good for the soul.

    • @Christopher Columbus June 12, 2017

      If you knew anything about Christopher Columbus, you would know that he was the man who believed that the world round, when his fellow men said it was flat. He proved all of them wrong; and so did Isaiah the prophet of God, who existed moons and moons before Christopher Columbus; here is what Isaiah said @Chapter 40: 22: “It is he that sits upon the circle of the earth” How would Columbus know this, if God had not revealed to him for the sake of knowledge of Him to the world

      The same can be said about the declaration of PM Skerrit . You people need to get rid of that extreme darkness of your mind–it is bad, right into a tragedy for you all, and you all alone!

  45. Hope
    June 12, 2017

    :lol: Haha … world peace! I cannot believe that there are sane people out there who think this is attainable! I thought beauty show contestants were the only ones gullible enough to purport such ludicrous ideas! World Peace :lol: stupzzzzzzzz.

  46. Shaka Zulu
    June 12, 2017

    Skerrit just joined Alice in wonderland. A man who stands for everything stands for nothing. You had an opportunity to do something to help Venezuela and the Venezuelans. What have you done to champion peace to a people who have sacrificed all to Dominica? Absolutely nothing. Skerrit you are nothing but a snake and a liar who says things to please an intended audience. You in power for 17 years caricom in existence for over 40 years you have done more to split the region and try to exhault yourself above the rest yet all the islands are doing better than dominica. Joining Russia to advance peace in the world is like me joining the devil to advance righteousness on earth and get people to heaven.

    • Shaka Zulu
      June 12, 2017

      Let me add in the words of Haile Selassie “until the philosophy that hold one race superior than another .. everywhere is war”. Peace in the world will only be achieved with forgiveness, reconciliation, humility, truth, patience, kindness, gentleness, self control, and most of all love. Ask Bishop Mal he will agree with me. These are called the fruits of the spirit. As long as there are men like you Pm, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong UN, Donald Trump, Duterte, Adolf, Castro, Chavez and the likes there will be no peace on the world. Look at all the money spent on nuclear weapons, rockets, guns, and bullets. Men like you get your ego bigger than you can handle and drag Dominica in your crap. You are representing yourself​ in Russia not dominica or the region. You being there signing documents was not approved by parliment or Caricom. Keep fooling your blind mice with your lies and deceit. That’s what you good at.

      • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
        June 12, 2017

        Haile Selassie placed himself as a God, above God. This is why he gave his name “Haile”. I would not use his philosophy as an example or to prove a point. It is like using that of Hitler. Furthermore, Haile Selassie was a dictator, an oppressor.
        Do you know any of the nationals from that part of the world as Ethiopia and Eritrea? They all look alike. They look like relatives. These are the only nationals of a country who look alike. Do you know why? Haile Selassie gave the authorization for them to have affairs with one another and to procreate. Therefore, that man is not a good person to refer to. I wonder where his soul is in eternity.

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  47. Dominican
    June 12, 2017

    Can Mr. Skerrit please advise the Dominican citizens the nature, if not the content, of the “several important documents”, his Foreign Minister , Francine Baron, signed on our behalf with the same Russian Foreign Minister, Serge Lavrov , when she met him in Sochi in Russia in November of last yea? The Russian Foreign Minister confirmed that when he met with Skerrit in St. Petersburg and that was published in a press release by the Russian govt. but as usual, we Dominicans are kept in the dark. Maybe it is business as usual for Roosevelt Skerrit and therefore it is none of our damned business? Mr. Skerrit is portraying himself as a champion of world peace. Bravo, but he can not even achieve that in our own little country of barely 70,000. Please, Mr. Skerrit when you make yourself a laughing stock it reflects on all of us. Please, be more humble and fix your own country first.

    • Anonymous
      June 12, 2017

      Is true. He does not want us to ask about that. That why he is going on so about world peace. You mean Skerrit talking about peace? That does not go together, look so much discord in his own little country.
      That mam is a trouble maker since he was born, not even at peace with himself, trust me.

  48. Can't laugh too serious to.
    June 12, 2017

    Skerro who next you going to work with U did Venezuela, China, Morroco, Cuba, the devil himself who else is left ? hahahahahahahah

    • Anomymous
      June 13, 2017

      You forget Gaddafi and Libya? Mano was even made ambassador to that miserable country.

  49. Can't laugh too serious to.
    June 12, 2017

    Skerrit , U have good head bro? I think U NUTS. Man those planter class people who had u nominated and then elected didn’t know what they were doing. They thought they were going 2 use u but u had ur own advisors so a monster was produced in the process resulting in DA becoming more screwed than it was in 75 -2000 the we lossed Rosie then Pierro quickly then Boom as Marlene would say then came U and really ,really screwed up DA irrpairably.

  50. Dr. Skerritt, the Clown of Russia
    June 12, 2017

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!! :-D :-D :mrgreen:

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      June 12, 2017

      Your picture looks like one and even worse. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    • FORKIT
      June 13, 2017

      maybe he needs Putin help with getting trump to stop his investigations into Iran sanction saga. we all know Putin and Trump are partners.
      skerro is as cunning as a manicou, it might just work.

  51. Can't laugh too serious to.
    June 12, 2017

    The Russians are bombing Syria wad up with the peace ?

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      June 12, 2017

      You know why? ISIS is there. They want ISIS eradicated.

  52. Can't laugh too serious to.
    June 12, 2017

    Ya Right! Bc all of you are one comes. World peace my big Toe. You Medard here arresting ur opponents waking em from their bed 3 ,4 in the morning. Former DLP MMD, turn UWPite left party close office to work as legal bridge for the capiltalists break away soviets has been representing the Ambassador here.Look comes. all u current politicians are opportuninists

  53. Prolific
    June 12, 2017

    Well Look IT! Those with good body with bad brain, will get a swap over to those with good brain and bad body. We called it ,the PM RESSURECTION.One way to end street protests. Man you know something, they claim the world is coming to an end, leave it to Mr. Skerrit. Mr. Fix it.

  54. Unknown
    June 12, 2017

    Skeritt is a Mad man to think he/Dominica can have some sort of influence on Putin othe Russsin government ???????????????????????

    • Let The Truth Be Known - Original
      June 12, 2017

      You UWP supporters are not interested in peace. You do not operate on the side of peace; not even for your country.
      Remember what Our Lord said: “Blessed are the peaceful. . . .” You should know the rest. Those who lack peace, do not project it and do not keep the peace will be denied Heaven.

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