Stephen Green of Christian Voice has launched an anti sodomy campaign across Africa and the Caribbean

A campaign has been launched to protect Africa and the Caribbean from a gay rights onslaught announced by the UK’s Prime Minister.

David Cameron‘s comments were made on 22nd June 2011 as he hosted his second Downing Street reception for homosexual activists, including one man known for staging pornographic events.

The Prime Minister said that ‘a spin-off benefit’ of giving foreign aid is that it allows the UK Government ‘to have a say in what happens’ in the world’s poorest countries. He said: ‘We have got the ability to speak to African leaders, African governments, about this issue (illegality of homosexual acts) that I know concerns everyone here tonight. And it concerns me.’

Homosexual acts, including sodomy, are against the law across the Caribbean including Dominica, which is an area of the world where British foreign aid is particularly targeted.

But a UK Christian prayer and action group has now launched a campaign to increase awareness of what it describes as the UK’s neo-colonialist intentions ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Australia at the end of October.

Christian Voice has emailed thousands of Members of Parliament, Prime Ministers, Presidents and permanent officials across Africa and the Caribbean alerting them to the UK’s cultural imperialism and asking them to do four things:

(A)   Read the STORY on the Christian Voice website,

(B)   Watch the VIDEO recorded in Kenya in July (and click ‘like’),

(C)   Sign an online PETITION to ‘Save Africa,’

(D)   Promote and attend a meeting in London in early September.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today, ‘David Cameron needs to realise that the white man is not the fount of all wisdom.  At a time when the UK is recovering from riots blamed on poor parenting and a lack of morality, he needs to learn from African culture with its strong emphasis on Christian morality and the family.”

He added, “The time when Western Governments could boss poorer nations around is over and it cannot be re-introduced as cultural imperialism. It is very humbling that so many people have now seen our video and signed our petition realising the importance of this issue in defending Christian virtue. The European Union are also funding gay rights groups in Cameroon now, and American NGO’s are bank-rolling any number of pro-gay and pro-abortion groups across Africa, so this matter is serious. Sex tourism is already a problem in African and Caribbean nations and I call upon their leaders to come together to oppose this new tide of immorality sweeping in.  A duty is owed to the young people of these nations and islands to protect young people from both the moral and physical dangers of homosexual activity.”

He concluded, “I also call on the churches in Dominica to come together and pray for righteousness to flow as a river to the glory of God.”