Kentish addressing the ACM’s assembly in Barbados last week

Dominican journalists have been asked to find common ground and work together for the good of the profession here on the island.

The plea came from the new President of the Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers (ACM) Anika Kentish at the organization’s Ninth Biennial General Assembly in Barbados last week.

“Theodore Roosevelt once said that the most important single ingredient in the formula for success is knowing how to get along with people,” she said while addressing the event. “So I am going to implore my Dominican brethren to find common ground on the national association. You have to look at what the media workers there want and how to find a way to meet their needs.”

The event was attended by Garvin Richards of the new formed Dominica Media and Communications Association and Carlisle Jno Baptiste, representing the Media Workers Association of Dominica (MWAD). DCMA was granted observer status at the event, while MWAD attended although its membership in the ACM was suspended.

There were some very public exchanges between the two groups which did not escape the Barbados gathering with past President, Wesley Gibbings, saying earlier in the meeting that the fighting must stop.

Kentish said the bickering between the groups must stop.

“Carlisle, you are here, Garvin you are here, you are both leaders in your own rights,” she said. “I am going to encourage you to use that leadership to your advantage, to encourage patience and sober discussion among the Dominican media fraternity. The choice is yours. You can continue the back and forth and go nowhere or you can work toward a common ground where you can build a strong, formidable representative body.”

She said the ACM’s executive is committed to providing assistance to ensure that the media fraternity in Dominica has a functioning and vibrant representative body.

She also said the ACM will support the organization that properly establishes itself and has the membership to back it.

The DCMA now boasts some 70 members and there are plans to meet with Jno Baptiste soon.

Richards (forefront) and Jno Baptiste attended the meeting in Barbados