Dominica has already shipped a number of items to hurricane-stricken countries. Photo: GIS

Disaster Management Consultant, Cecil Shillingford has announced that Dominicans at home will be given a chance to organize relief items to be shipped off to their families and friends in Hurricane Irma affected St. Martin, Tortola and Anguilla.

The public is asked to make these items available during the week of September 18th 2017.

Shillingford said that relief packages can be dropped off at the DEXIA pack house with bold and clear labeling and proper boxing.

“We are going to begin to receive water and food stuff from the general public who want to send to their relatives and friends in these stricken countries and box them properly label them with large labelling, bold prints, and they can [be] deliver[ed] to the DEXIA pack house at the back of AID Bank and they will be collected there to be shipped with other items that government may raise over the next couple weeks,” he explained.

He noted that from next week Monday (September 18th), a public announcement will be provided to make the public aware of the opportunity.

Shillingford also made it clear that there must be no perishables in the packages.