President of the ACM Wesley Gibbings

President of the Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers (ACM), Wesley Gibbings, has said there is a need for the media fraternity in Dominica to join hands and that Dominicans should demand higher standards in journalism.

He was speaking to Ivona Jno- Baptiste Lugay of DBS Radio who was among three representatives from the Dominica Press Corp attending a CAFRA workshop on gender equality in St. Lucia.

“There is an absolute need for the media fraternity to join hands in an effort to ensure that the media plays the kind of role in the Dominican society that it ought to,” Gibbings said. “The people of Dominica of Dominica deserve and should demand higher standards, they deserve and should demand a higher level of cohesiveness in the area of media development.”

He said that such cohesiveness does not negate competition.

“I think there can be media competition, you can have commercial competition because media, by and large, is business so there will be the competitive element, journalists will want to get the scoop, journalists will want to be the first in the news and be better at what they are doing.”

Despite this, Gibbings stated that there is a need for a collective effort and the coming together of journalistic forces in Dominica and the region “to reexamine what is the impact of their work and where the areas that need addressing to strengthen the work that they do.”