Residents living in areas prone to disasters are being advised to take precautionary measures as tropical storm Issac moves closer to the island.

Several shelters have already been activated to assist individuals who may require assistance, according to Acting National Disaster Coordinator Don Corriette.

He said all preparations and plans must be put in place to save lives and protect property. “We are still under a tropical storm, warning so we would like people to take our advice. Those of us living in vulnerable areas must take heed,” he pointed out.

Corriette callede on the people in Mahaut, Canefield, Massacre, Layou, Bath Estate and other low lying areas to pay special attention.

He said residents in landslide prone areas such as Grand Fond, Good Hope, Castle Bruce, Bagatelle, Fond St. Jean and San Sauver should be on high alert.

“We had experiences from the recent rains and tropical storm Ophelia. These places have historical events to go by so they need to take measures to safeguard their lives,” he said.

Corriette said the soils are already saturated and the rivers are silted and “it will not take much rainfall to cause overflows and mudflows”.

Meantime DOWASCO is encouraging its customers around the country to store water.

Public Relations Officer of DOWASCO, Edd Registe, said while the company did not say that water supplies will be interrupted, customers are asked to take precaution.