passportDominica’s passport has been ranked eighth in valuable travel documents in CARICOM based on the number of countries which allow its holders visa free travel through their ports of entry.

The ranking was released last week by travel and residence website

It shows that holders of Dominican passports are granted visa free access to 72 out of the 147 countries checked around the globe.

On a global basis Dominica got the rank of 47.

The Barbadian passport is the most valuable in CARICOM with a global ranking of 22 and visa free access to 119 countries.

In second place is the Bahamas with a rank of 23 and visa free access to 117 countries.

Third place is Antigua and Barbuda with a rank of 24 and visa free access to 113 countries.

The least valuable passport in CARICOM belongs to Haiti with a global rank of 68 and visa free access to 49 countries.

The ranking was compiled using data from the International Air Transportation Agency (IATA).

It shows that the United Kingdom and the United States passports as the strongest in the world with visa free access to all 147 countries tested.

See full ranking (global) below in CARICOM from the most valuable passport to the least.

1. Barbados: visa free countries 119 …. Rank 22

2.The Bahamas: Visa free countries 117 ….Rank 23

3. Antigua and Barbuda: 113 visa free countries …Rank 25

4. St. Kitts and Nevis: visa free countries 108….Rank 29

5. Trinidad and Tobago: visa free countries 77…rank 43

6. Belize: visa free countries 75 …Rank 44

7. Saint Lucia: visa free countries 73… Rank 46

8. Dominica: 72 visa free countries….Rank 47

9. St. Vincent and the Grenadines: visa free countries 71…rank 48

9. Grenada: visa free countries 71…Rank 48

10. Jamaica: visa free countries 68 …Rank 50

11. Guyana: visa free countries 64…Rank 54

12. Suriname: visa free countrries 57….rank 60

13. Haiti” Visa free countries 49 …Rank 68