The winner (left) with FLOW's Jeffrey Baptiste

The winner (left) with FLOW’s Jeffrey Baptiste

Alton Audain, of Dos D’Ane, is the winner of the Barclays Premier League (BPL) Download and Win promotion, compliments of FLOW Dominica.

He won tickets for two to the United Kingdom, to view a game of his choice in the league. Audain will receive tickets to said game, as well as US$500 spending money, for himself, and his companion. He will also be transported to and from the airport.

The winner, at a press conference on Friday, said that the win was quite unexpected, and referred to the opportunity as a “lifetime experience.”

“First of all, I would like to give thanks to the Most High, because without him, nothing is possible. Also, I would like to thank the management and staff of FLOW because first of all, when I downloaded the app, I wasn’t really paying much attention to whether I’d win or not,” he said. “…It take a couple days to sink it, but once it finally sink in, I was like ‘wow’, a once in a lifetime experience.”

Although admittedly a fan of Manchester United, he stated that because he could not attend that match, he will instead view Arsenal vs Crystal Palace, which will be played at the Emirates Stadium.

General Manager of FLOW, Jeffrey Baptiste, urged the winner to share his experience with his family, and community, and to inspire others to “take the first step.”

“I think the value you would have achieved out of this experience, I do not know it’s gonna just rest I your head, I’m sure you’ll share it in some way, in some shape or form with your family, and your communities. And, even if it’s only to inspire someone to reach out to something,” he noted. “It is an example in telecommunications, but I think there is a life lesson that can be learnt, that all you need to do is make that first step. And, out of that first step, many things can evolve at the end.”

The promotion could produce only two winners—one from Barbados, and another from the rest of the Caribbean.