People queue for water in Roseau days after Hurricane Maria

General Manager of DOWASCO, Bernard Etinoff, has revealed that the company has restored water to 61 percent of its customers in the wake of the ravages caused by Hurricane Maria.

This means that 14,000 of DOWASCO’s 23,000 customers are now receiving pipe-borne water, he said at the government’s daily press briefing on Monday.

“DOWASACO continues to make tremendous strides in terms of water restoration throughout the island of Dominica,” he stated. “The very last couple weeks we’ve seen a few more areas receiving water such as St. Joseph, Mero and Layou have received water.”

Additionally, he said water has been restored in La Plaine and the Kalinago Territory is now receiving pipe-borne water.

“There have been a number of new areas that have been covered in the last couple weeks we are at the point now where we are at just over 61 percent in terms of coverage island wide which means that about 14,000 of our 23,000 customers are receiving pipe-borne water from DOWASCO,” Etinoff noted.

He pointed out that the company operates 42 water areas and just under 50 percent of those have water restored “but in terms of the population served we are serving well over 14,000 of our 23,000 customers.”

Etinoff said the company continues to truck water to areas where there are challenges in restoring pipe-borne water.

Among them are Giraudel, Eggleston, Morne Rachette, Coulibistrie, Colihaut, Scotts Head and Gallion.

“We continue to truck water to those communities,” he said. “The areas of Scotts Head, Soufriere and Gallion, we continue to truck water daily to these communities as well. We intend to intensify these activities until water can be restored. When I say intensify, we intend to place storage tanks at strategic locations within these communities where there is no water and continue to use trucks to keeps those tanks filled so that persons can go to those tanks and collect water.”

He stated that DOWASCO also operates some small water purification systems in collaboration with international partners, which “is one of the ways that we continue to supply and provide water to residents of Dominica.”

“Through the help of our international partners also we have received a number of small jerry cans, just about two gallons each, and we intend to distribute and we have in fact started to distribute these jerry cans to many of these communities so that persons can have containers now that they can go to these sites and collect water,” he said.