Residents line up for water in Roseau after Hurricane Maria

Water company, DOWASCO has sent a warning to residents in areas where water has not been restored since Hurricane Maria, to immediately cease the misuse of storage tanks installed in these areas.

In some areas where the company has not restored water, storage tanks were installed to facilitate residents with potable water but according to DOWASCO’s PRO, Ed Registe, information has been received that people are actually bathing and washing clothes at the tanks.

“We want to advise that residents who are doing that should cease immediately because the water that is placed there is only for residents to collect water for domestic use,” he stated. “So they would come to those storage tanks with buckets or jerry cans to collect water to take to their homes.”

He pointed out that residents should only go to the tanks to collect water and nothing else.

“That is all that should be done at the storage tank installed in the various communities,” he noted.

Registe appealed to residents to cooperate with DOWASCO on the matter.

“So please DOWASCO is trying its best to actually truck water and that is an expensive process, so we would like the cooperation of the general public,” he stated. “People should not go to these storage tanks that have been placed in various communities to bathe or to wash clothes or to do anything else except to collect water for domestic use.”