Etinoffe said the company’s revenue is now zero

General Manager of DOWASCO, Bernard Etinoffe, has said the company’s revenue has taken a serious hit in the wake of Hurricane Maria and is now down to zero.

Speaking at the government’s daily press briefing on Monday, he said the company suffered from looting in the wake of the storm.

“Our revenue base has always been much lower than what is really needed to keep water flowing in Dominica,” he stated. “That has worsened following Hurricane Maria, as I indicated to you our revenue is now down to zero, while our cost has escalated.”

He noted that at this time there are a number of contractors working for the company across the island.

“We have various contractors working now in various areas of Dominica and the cost for just recovering is somewhere in the region of well over $4-million: various contractors just clearing roads, cutting trees, running pipes and things like that,” he stated. “So you have that kind of escalation in cost and a reduction in your revenue, of course, is double jeopardy.”

Etinoffe stated that he is hopeful the government will come to the assistance of DOWASCO in meeting some of the cost incurred.

“At times like these the government has always come through for DOWASCO and has always supported the efforts of DOWASCO, understanding the importance of water,” he stated. “We have seen over the years, the Government f Dominica really standing firm to the commitment of providing water for every Dominican …that is how it has been and we anticipate it is going to be for some time.”

He said the company took a major hit from looting.

“Following Hurricane Maria, we had we had a number of tools, generators, water pumps looted, stolen put it this way from our stories from our operation center,” he remarked.

He stated that the police have been instrumental in recovering some of the items and the company had to reach out to sister utilities for assistance.

Etinoffe stated that tremendous support has been received from the Bahamas and the Caribbean Waste Water Association with the donations of chains saws.

“We had all our chainsaws stolen,” he remarked.

He said the company has received generators from international partners that are in Dominica assisting DOWASCO.

“So we have received, I would say, almost everything that we lost by stealing by looting,” Etinoffe said. “We have received that much from our sister utilities and our partners.”