A new page on social network giant, Facebook, has said it will soon be leading a petition to call for the removal or resignation of Dominica’s  Director of Public (DPP),  Gene Pestaina.

The page,  called Justice for Rachel & Sophia, was founded after it was revealed that the DPP had decided to discontinue a case against Sarah Lyn Augustine.

Augustine is alleged to have stabbed her five-year-old daughter Rachael Vigilant 45 times and her two month old baby Sophia 31 times at their home in Mahaut. The incident, which shocked the nation, took place in the wee hours of September 16, 2010.

“One day at a time guys,” the page announced in its latest Facebook post. “Our next step is to get a petition going calling for the removal of the DPP (or his resignation)”.

According to those behind the proposed petition, DPP Pestaina is unfit to hold the petition of Director of Public Prosecution

Gene Pestaina told Dominica News Online on Monday that his decision was based on a psychiatrist’s report and the intervention of the Canadian authorities.

A report by Consultant Psychiatrist Griffin Benjamin concluded that Augustine, alleged to have murdered her two children, “is mentally fit to plead and answer the charges against her”.

However the DPP said he was more interested in another part of the same report that indicated that “Augustine was diagnosed as suffering with Post partum Depression, a clinical illness characterized by a major depressive episode”.

He also took into consideration, he says, offers of help from the Canadian authorities to provide necessary psychiatric facilities for Augustine.

“We don’t have any suitable psychiatric facility here to deal with this lady, she would be tried, very probably convicted, sent to jail for a length of time and waste away,”  Pestaina said in explaining why he arrived at the decision he did.

The FaceBook page posted by those opposed to the decision is demanding answers from the DPP.

“We want answers as to why she was allowed to leave the state? Why is the DPP discontinuing the case? Why is there no justice for the dead children?” the founders of the page wrote. “Now that the case is being discontinued, what is going to happen? Is there any justice? Two kids are dead and this is like a joke.”