As of October 15, Attorney General (AG) Francine Baron-Royer will no longer hold that position.

Baron-Royer, who left her private practice to take up the post of AG in 2007 after an offer from Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, has decided not to retain that position when her contract comes to an end tomorrow.

She said in a statement aired in this morning’s edition of DBS News, that her decision was not as a result of problems with cabinet members nor was it due pressures from anyone.

“My term of office comes to an end on the 15th of October and having fulfilled my promise to the prime minister I will be returning to my private practice,” she said.

“To those who have posed questions about whether I have had a falling out with this administration, or whether any pressure has been exerted on me not to continue as attorney general I wish to say this. I have had an excellent relationship with my cabinet colleagues and no such pressure has been exerted on me by anyone. I have expressed my commitment to continue to assist in any way possible,” the outgoing AG said.

Baron-Royer expressed gratitude to the prime minister for the opportunity to serve her country. She described the position as one with tremendous responsibility with great demand on one’s time.

“It has been challenging and gratifying to have been part of the development and advancement of Dominica,” she added.

The outgoing AG said that she is confident that she executed her duties “without fear or favour” and has given her professional advice in keeping with the principles of law and ethics of her profession.

She thanked all those who helped during the tenure of her profession.