A display of flowers at the show

A display of flowers at the show

One of the main organizers of the 2014 Giraudel/Eggleston Flower Show, Stephanie Royer, has said that thus far, the ongoing show has been a success.

Speaking to Dominica News Online on Tuesday morning, Royer said that despite the number of activities that competed with the show over the weekend, a number of patrons turned out to view the displays.

“It has been going very well, quiet, incident free, and from the patrons they appreciated it very much and liked what they saw and the praises were great,” she said. “You expect one or two criticisms but it was good the majority were happy with what they saw and were satisfied.”

The show was officially opened on Saturday morning in the presence of the Prime Minister and other members of Parliament and features various floral arrangements inside the newly constructed Flower House in Giraudel.

“We feel very good,” Royer added “Today we are expecting the school children and tomorrow the senior citizens. All in all we are satisfied the show was good and went well. It is too early to tell if we have made a profit.”

PM Skerrit with his wife and son at the show

PM Skerrit with his wife and son at the show

According to her, the organizing committee expected a larger turn out on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised at the turnout on Monday.

“We were surprised on Monday, because I expected less people,” she stated. “The turnout was good because when we planned the show we did not anticipate those two activities namely Charismatic (Catholic Conference) and the Labor Party Rally, which took away some of the people.”

Royer pointed out that the show was planned early and the committee had no indication that those activities would be taking place.

“We will continue to improve. As we go along we look at different things we analyse, we look at the comments made by patrons and we are improving every year. We give a different show every year. We know that there is room for improvement and we certainly will improve as we go along,” she stated.

The Giraudel/Eggleston flower show celebrates the floriculture industry and highlights the art of large scale cut flower arrangements.

The show was first hosted in 1973.