Mr. Brumant expresses thanks for his new radio.

The Rotaract Club of Roseau with a kind donation of a bed from Fort Young hotel and other supplies donated by the Club members gave a home make over to Mr. Celestine Brumant and elderly gentleman of Fond Cole whom the club adopted one month ago.

The club visited Mr. Brumant upon recommendation by a member of the community.  A visit to Mr. Brumant in May revealed that he needed much assistance with the reorganizing of his home since he is partially blind and can’t do much.

The Club members cleaned his home and surroundings, replaced the bed with the donated bed from the Fort Young Hotel, built a shelf to accommodate his toiletry and medication, and provided a plastic container for storage of his groceries provided to him from the club.

As a birthday gift the Club also provided Mr. Brumant with a radio.  When the radio was turned on he burst into tears and thanked God for the Club and asked God to bless the Club because he claimed that he is often very lonely and the radio would make good company.

The Club expresses our gratitude to the Fort Young Hotel for the donation of the bed which is presently providing much comfort to Mr. Brumant.

This is the second elderly person adopted by the Rotaract Club and he will receive care and assistance from the Club until his death.

Members of the Rotaract Club after clean-up.