The agreement was signed on Monday

A Technical Cooperation Agreement was signed yesterday (Monday, December 19) between the Governments of Dominica and the Republic of Cuba for the local engagement of four Cuban engineers.

This initiative follows technical assistance to Dominica, in the form of engineers, from the Government of the Republic of Cuba after the devastation of the island by Tropical Storm Erika.

According to Minister for Public Works, Miriam Blanchard, the execution of this agreement will assist the Government of Dominica in the implementation of its Public Sector Investment Programme with particular emphasis on the assessment of vulnerable sites as well as the preparation of civil works in various communities.

“In this case, we are receiving four new engineers, who we expect will complement the staff of the Ministry of Public Works and Ports as we endeavour to implement our Public Sector Investment Program,” she stated. “The engineers we are receiving are coming to us with a wealth of experience in civil works, and they will be assigned to assist the Ministry in the assessment and preparation of designs for numerous road edge failures across the island.”

The four engineers, all from Cuba, are said to have extensive experience in the design of structures and roads, and are expected to commence work in January 2017, for a period of one year.

Meantime, Cuban Ambassador to Dominica, Juan Carlos Frometa de la Rosa, expressed the Cuban government’s willingness to continue helping Dominica, and stated that the agreement will serve to strengthen relations between the two countries.

“I want to write today the will of the Cuban government to continue supporting, helping, giving solidarity to Dominica…” he said. “It means that the relationship between Dominica and Cuba will continue in the future.”

Dominica and Cuba formally established diplomatic relations in 1996.