Jean Jacob is Chairperson of the General Nursing Council

The General Nursing Council of Dominica has officially launched its first ever website that provides a platform for patients and the public to better access to information.

The website was launched on Friday, July 21st at the Princess Margaret Hospital, and will be available for public use from the end of this month.

Principal Nursing Officer in the Ministry of Health, Caesarina Ferrol, said that engaging such method of disseminating information is very useful in this technological age.

“The development of the website should serve as a very useful tool in the dissemination of information, and facilitates the functions of the council through the use of technology,” she said.

Ferrol added that it is her hope the initiative will serve its purpose and that the nurses and the general public will take advantage of this “visionary and innovative development.”

The website,, provides a number of services including; history and composition of the council; the role of the nursing council with regard to management; downloading of application forms for registering as a nurse, renewal of nursing licensure, and application for nursing examinations; list of current licensed and non-licensed nurses; complaint entries for cases of abuse by nurses.

Chairperson of the General Nursing Council, Jean Jacob, said that it was decided that the website be created to improve its efficiency.

“It was felt that the council needed to improve its level of efficiency, and to be more available to its constituents, mainly its nurses and the public. In this regard, the council decided to develop a website which would provide a revenue to address this need,” she said.

She added that as the world is becoming more and more technologically advanced, it was fitting to have the council create a website to “fall in line with what is expected of it.”

“In keeping with this, we have joined a number of other nursing councils around the world, by creating an online presence which will allow us to interact with our stakeholders more efficiently, as well create more visibility for the work which we perform,” Jacob remarked.