The man with the 'bolom' in the background

The man with the ‘bolom’ in the background

When a man in the small community of Sarrot in Bexon, St. Lucia decided to take a photo of himself, little did he know it would turn into a sensation.

According to HTS News when the photo was viewed, something in the background “turned out to be a shocking revelation.”

The daughter of the man said only three individuals were in the room when the photo was taken but somehow something else appeared in it.

And she said it does not look like any of the other people present.

Soon news of the photo began spreading and residents of the community became convinced that the image in the picture is not human.

Many said it is in fact what is well known by folks in St. Lucia as a ‘bolom.’

According to St. Lucian folklore, a bolom is a two or two-and-a-half-foot man brought into the world on Good Friday by someone with evil intent. After it is brought into existence, the bolom carries out its master’s evil bidding with great relish.

The stories go on to say that the bolom survives on raw meat, which the master must supply in great quantities or be eaten himself.

Family members of the man in Bexon are now convinced that there are unwanted guests in the house and some supernatural being has taken over.