The Government of Dominica wishes to make the following response to statements in the media that Dawood Ibrahim (or Ibrahim Dawood) an allegedly notorious Pakistani terrorist is the holder of a Dominica passport.

The information available to the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica is that the source of this allegation is Thompson Fontaine. The person called or described as Jeremy Sinclair is unknown.

The Government has not granted, and denies that it granted,  economic citizenship or a passport to Mr. Ibrahim. More importantly, the security and due process measures in place would make it impossible for a notorious criminal and wanted terrorist to be  granted economic citizenship or  passport. The allegation is totally false.

In view of the clear measures in place, and the measures taken to protect the security of the Commonwealth and other sovereign states, there is strong and compelling reason to believe that this allegation is part of the on going conspiracy by some to destroy the reputation of the country for their own partisan gain and purposes by any means necessary. As a result, the Government demands that Dr Fontaine and others who are peddling this fabrication to the region and world produce immediately the evidence to substantiate the allegation.

The Government of Dominica intends to conduct inquiries to get to the bottom of this scandalous attack on the integrity of the Nation and seek legal advice as to whether any criminal or civil proceedings can be instituted against Dr. Thompson Fontaine and others involved in this attack against Dominica.