Charles spoke in parliament on Tuesday

Minister for Constituency Empowerment Justina Charles has revealed that the Government of Dominica is investing in excess of $50,000 to engage a Coordinator and four Project Officers who will supervise ongoing rehabilitation works across the island.

“To do all of those work we recognize we do not want to just put the money out there we need to ensure that the work is properly supervised,” Charles said during the debate Supplementary Estimates of Expenditure for the year 2016/2017 in Parliament on Tuesday.

The Minister said that the funds were appropriated for in the Estimates which was brought before Parliament by Finance Minister Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit on Tuesday.

“And so we see in the appropriation an amount of fifty-four thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars was appropriated to engage a Coordinator and four Project Officers who will go around the island to supervise the work and to give reports on a regular basis to the Ministry to make sure that every cent and everything can be accounted for and the work is properly done,” Charles stated.

She mentioned that these contracted individuals are not only supervising road rehabilitation works, but every single project which is being undertaken by the Ministry of Constituency Empowerment.

“And I really want to commend the supervisors because they are out there and they are going beyond the call of duty not just to do roads but they are engaged in all Constituency Projects because within the Ministry of Constituency Empowerment we also administer funds for other projects not just roads,” Charles said.

She said further that the Coordinator and the Project Officers go out of their way to ensure that they supervise all of the spending that is happening within the Constituencies.