Blackmoore said gov’t must provide housing for the police. File photo

National Security Minister, Rayburn Blackmoore has said the government has a legal responsibility to provide proper housing accommodations for police officers in Dominica.

Police officers at some police stations on the island have complained over less than comfortable living quarters. On Monday sources revealed to DNO that the Portsmouth Police Station is in a deplorable state and officers are calling for serious attention to be paid to the building.

Blackmoore did not mention that specific situation but told Kairi FM news that the government must provide housing accommodations for the police.

“By law the state has the responsibility to provide proper housing accomodation for police officers,” he stated.

He said the government has been able to demonstrate this by constructing new police stations at La Plaine, Calibishie and before that, Grand Bay.

“As we speak we are also looking at the Delices Police Station and work to be done for the expansion of the police station in Mahaut in order to ensure that we have proper facilities, so that you can have female officers stationed in the Mahaut Police Station,” he noted.

He mentioned that the government has spent almost $1-million in order to refurbish both barracks at Morne Bruce and monies have already been provided for the total rehabilitation of the police training school building.

“We are also placing emphasis on some out stations, and in St Joseph as a matter of fact we shall be spending in excess of $400,000 to construct a new Inspector’s quarters in St Joseph,” he stated.

He stated further that a contractor has been recommended for the award of contract.

He said there has been a holistic approach to ensure that some of the developmental goals that the government is pursuing is done in the most efficient and effective manner.

Meantime Blackmoore pointed out that Police officers are also provided with the opportunity to be trained in various policing subjects overseas.

“We have been able to train police officers overseas in various policing subjects,” he said. “So not only having initial police training at the training school, but we are also ensuring that officers in various departments be it, Criminal Investigations Department, be it special branch, be it SSU are continually trained overseas to ensure that they are kept up to speed in the aspects of policing in order to make them better police officers and to provide better and more efficient service to the people of Dominica.”