A slide under the Canefield Cliff last Sunday

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has announced that government will be moving to acquire land for a road that will bypass the Canefield Cliff.

This as numerous landslides and rock falls have posed a danger to the motoring public. The latest incident took place on Sunday when a huge portion of rocks fell on the road. No one was hurt in the incident but there have been numerous complaints on the matter.

Addressing a government consultation on Monday, Skerrit said he has discussed the matter with the Leader of the Opposition and action will be taken and a bypass will be created in Morne Daniel.

“We will be moving in the cabinet tomorrow to compulsory acquire the lands to create the bypass at Morne Daniel with immediate action and to declare this road a public road so as to mitigate against the landslides,” he said.

Skerrit stated that the government is in consultation with French authorities who will be coming to Dominica next week to advise on slope stabilization in different parts of the island.

“This is one area that we will be seeking their advice on what can we do to mitigate against it,” he stated. “But you recognize that it is very hollow and this has not only come down during the rainy time even in hot sun it has eroded.”

He said there has been great anxiety on the matter and the slides have been inching into Morne Daniel and homes of residents.

“So we will be moving with the bypass,” Skerrit remarked. “There is some issue with a landowner who has blocked that section but we will move to surveyors to acquire this land by a cabinet decision tomorrow and to create that access.”