Those who attended the meeting

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has revealed that his government will acquire land very soon for the construction of 60 apartment units for residents of Roseau.

He made that remark while addressing a Town Hall meeting for residents of the Roseau Central held at the Baracoon Building last week.

“I will say to you this evening, the residents of Roseau that we have air marked another 60 units to be constructed on Kennedy Avenue around the Financial Centre,” he said. “So the government will acquire land very soon and will erect 60 apartment units that will go towards the residents of Roseau.”

He continued, “It is something we have to look at and we believe that with the construction of the apartment units we will be able to address a number of your challenges in that respect.”

The Prime Minister noted that on the ground floor of the complex, commercial space will be made available and be rented out to a number of the small businesses in Roseau that are subjected to very high monthly rents and sometimes cannot see their way.

“So a lot of the young people who are doing the hair and nails, and the pedicure and the manicure who have little shops in the city, we will provide adequate accommodation for you at a highly concessionary monthly rental,” Skerrit stated.