The event will be held at the State House

Roseau, Dominica (April 21, 2017) — The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has announced that it will host a national consultation under the theme, “Development Prospects for Dominica within the context of the Citizenship By Investment Programme (CBIP) as a platform for raising the funds necessary to Finance Development Activities”.

The consultation is slated for Monday, April 24th at the State House Conference Center starting at 9:00 a.m.

The consultation will take the form of presentations by the Honourable Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and the Financial Secretary, to be followed by a panel discussion on various facets of development and development financing.

A wide cross-section of the population has been invited to participate including all members of Parliament, social organisations, representative religious organisations, trade unions, public officials, the banking sector, developers and prospective developers of projects funded by CBI and agents of the CBIP. The general public will also have the opportunity to see and hear the discussions via live television, radio, and Internet broadcast of this important consultation.

It is the expectation that people of Dominica and the public at large will find this event an educational one and one that raises the discussion on development to a higher level of understanding.

Meanwhile, the Government of Dominica has been conducting a series of town hall and community meetings aimed at discussing development prospects particularly within the context of the Citizenship By Investment Programme being a means of raising the necessary funds to finance development programmes. Throughout these town hall discussions, the Government has provided updates on priority programmes and projects that are being implemented making special mention of those that are funded by the revenues raised under the CBIP.