The government has waived duties on a number of non-commercial items or relief supplies in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

This is according to Comptroller of Customs Roderick Deschamp at a press briefing on Wednesday.

The list of these items is as follows:

-mattresses (three per household),
-domestic refrigerators (one per household),
-domestic stoves (one per household),
-water pumps,
-generators (one per household but a permit from IRC is needed for generators more than 20,000 KVA),
-portable air-condition units (limited to business houses, companies and agencies)

A waiver of import duties, Value Added Tax, custom service charge and environmental surcharge has been placed on all relief items from organizations to organization.

“For example from Digicel overseas to Digicel here, those duties and taxes will be waived,” Deschamp explained. “Friends and families to friends and families – my mother is sending some stuff for me – the waiver of duties will also be applied.”

There are also waivers on commercial imports of construction material and foodstuff. The import duty and Value Added Tax have been waived but persons are expected to pay the customs service charge and the environmental surcharge.

The list of these items is as follows:

-building blocks or bricks,
-plastic tiles,
-ceramic tiles,
-partition boards,
-ceiling tiles,
-galvanize sheets and capping,
-plastic guttering,
-steel rods,
-PVC pipes,
-electrical conduits and fittings,
-steel tubes and pipe fittings,
-copper tubes and pipe fittings,
-plastic sanitary baths,
-wash basins,
-plastic windows and doors,
-wooden windows and doors,
-steel windows and doors,
aluminum windows and doors,
-plastic water tanks,
-steel water tanks, aluminum water tanks,
-electricals (lamp fitting, bulbs, switches, fuses, junction boxes, plugs, connectors, and other articles),
-water heaters,
-solar panels