The donation was made to the people of Coulibistrie

The donation was made to the people of Coulibistrie

Dominicans are rallying together to bring relief to those affected by tropical Storm Erika.

Last week members of the Grand Fond Village Council donated a load of local produce to the residents of Coulibistrie.

Joyce Pascal is the council’s chair.

She explained, “I believe that as a council it is appropriate for us to meet the needs of people especially in trying times like these. We want you to know that we share your pain and suffering and the burden of rebuilding your community.”

She said to the receiving communities, “You have to realize that unity is strength and if you are united with the councilors, you can work together to rebuild Coulibistrie.”

Chairperson of the Coulibistrie Village Council, Ericson Robinson thanked the Grand Fond villagers effusively for their contribution.

“On behalf of the communities of Coulibistrie and Morne Ratchette, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to the council and people of Grand Fond particularly the Parliamentary Representative of Grand Fond. They have come from far to ensure that the people of Coulibistrie who are hurting and are in need have provision and fruits.

“We have been getting some relief but it’s processed food and that contribution is valued because a lot of the older persons have been asking for some provisions since they have limited access to their farms. We really appreciate the contribution.”

He spoke of strengthening the partnership between the two councils.