Flag of the Republic of Haiti

Haiti has donated US$250,000 to Dominica for recovery efforts in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

Permanent Representative of Haiti to the UN, Denis Regis said at a recent donor conference in New York that his country will donate the same amount to Barbuda, which was devastated by Hurricane Irma.

“The Republic of Haiti, having been hit hard by a series of deadly natural disasters over the last 10 years,” he said, adding that his country knows the multiplicity of obstacles which is faced in reconstructing and rehabilitating critical infrastructure.

He said he was honored to announce the assistance.

“I have the honor to announce that the Government of Haiti, despite the difficult economic and financial situation of the country, but fully involved in international solidarity is pleased to contribute US $ 250,000 to the reconstruction efforts of each of the sister nations of Antigua and Barbuda and Dominica, so hard hit by hurricanes Irma and Maria,” Regis remarked.

He stated that although the contribution is “modest,” it is “nonetheless a testimony of friendship and fraternity, in the tradition of mutual aid and regional solidarity of the Caribbean Community, and in the spirit of international cooperation…”