Dr. Lynora Fevrier- Drigo of the Ministry of Health has announced that Health Centres on the island will suspend routine care from 12:00 PM today as the island monitors the progress of Tropical Storm Isaac.

She made the announcement while addressing a press briefing on Tuesday as the storm churned closer to the island.

“Health Centres will suspend routine care from Wednesday 12th and that includes all our pharmacies, so if you have to collect medication you need to do that before 12:00 pm,” she said.

Dr. Drigo stated, however, staff will be available at the Health Centres to provide emergency medical care.

She encouraged residents to collect all essential medicines, “and that will include everything you need for your NCD’s, the asthmatics you collect your medication.”

Dr. Drigo also encouraged persons to look out for the elderly and children who are the most vulnerable in the communities.

“If you know there is an elderly in your community who is living alone and has no one to take care of them after you secure yourself please ensure that these persons in your community you look out for them,” she urged. “We are our brother’s keeper.”

Meantime, she mentioned that nurses who work from the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) will be reassigned to the communities where they live.

“Nurses have been reassigned and told of their reassignment.  So we do not expect if you live in Portsmouth and you work at the Princess Margaret Hospital that you will travel from Portsmouth to the Princess Margaret Hospital,” Dr. Drigo remarked.