Darroux said good things are happening at PMH

Health Minister, Dr. Kenneth Darroux, has appealed to health care providers to say more positive things about the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

He was speaking at an award function at the institution on Wednesday, following a visit by the President of Dominica, His Excellency Charles Savarin.

“Too often times we hear too much of the negative things and when the positive things happen, we need to speak out about them and I think sometimes the responsibility is yours, the health care providers,” he said.

Darroux gave the example of a woman from Tete Morne, who, he said, was in the ICU and who probably was expected to die. However, she has made a remarkable comeback.

“I saw her on Glover Ward, talking to me bright, telling me she wants to go home to eat her smoked meat. and whatever the case may be, for Christmas,” he noted. “And I think somebody, part of the visiting party, mentioned to her that people need to speak about these things.”

Darroux said too many times people concentrate on the negative things that are being said out there.

“Often time we are the ones who contribute towards a lot of the negativity that is being said out there,” he said. “So when these positive things happen, we need to go out there. The same way we can message Matt in the Morning or other talk show host to give them, feed them, the bad things, I think when these good things happen, we should feel from within to also go out there and speak about the good things that are happening at PMH.”