Former Attorney General and former Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court has lent his voice to the raging debate of homosexuality and laws pertaining to it in Dominica.

Speaking on the television program ‘Parbel Talk’ hosted by Parry Bellot on July 25, Alleyne said homosexual acts in the law books are criminal acts and are subject to imprisonment but they are not practical. “It is actually impractical because you cannot actually enter into someone’s house to catch them in the act,” he pointed out.

Alleyne continued, “I think it is totally wrong. What a person does in the privacy of his home with another person is his business, he is answerable to the Lord and not to any one else.”

He said the fundamental issue is whether homosexuality is a crime. “Is it a crime?  Should a person be sent to prison for what he does in his bedroom with the consent of the other party?”

Alleyne said he thinks it is wrong to imprison people for their sexual practices in private between consenting adults and suggested that the Prime Minister show ‘moral leadership’ and act to correct it.