House Speaker Alix Boyd-Knights

Speaker of the House of Assembly Alix Boyd-Knights is hoping that 2018 will be a period of new beginnings, especially in Parliament where members strive to learn the rules of the House.

She spoke in an interview with state-owned DBS Radio.

“Every year I like to think of a New Year being a period for new beginnings, that is to say, we can start afresh on anything,” she stated. “And so, the House of Assembly in particular we can bring the new beginnings to a new dispensation where all members of the House can strive to learn the rules so that they can understand the rules to the extent that when I am making a ruling and so it is not a question of reading a rule.”

She pointed out that Standing Orders in the House are not one specific ruling all by itself.

“Rules are interwoven, so you just don’t look at one rule and conclude that’s it,” she noted. “There is probably another rule telling you to do something as well.”

Boyd-Knights said it behooves members of the House to read and understand the rules and seek the assistance of their attorney if they need help.

Furthermore, she stated that her office is always open to members who have questions.

“Members know very well that my chambers are always opened if they make an appointment I come and they sit with me and I can discuss anything with them,” she said. “So let us hope the new beginnings for Parliament is going to be a reality this year, we really need some of that.”

Boyd-Knights also stated that she looks forward to 2018 as being a year of growth in Dominica.

“A year when we try our best to put things in order that we always lapsed on, a year when we seek out good in others as opposed to always seeking out and saying things that are more than likely untrue,” she remarked. “We really really need a lot of things to happen in Dominica that would bring about a change, not only in society but make it better for the people living in there.”

She added, “I am really hoping and I am really hopeful. I haven’t seen anything to tell me specifically that the Hurricane Maria has put people on notice that they must be and behave differently but I guess I am taking it in my stride and I am saying that people are still in shock but I am really hoping to see a difference in the attitude of people.”