Carbon said the shelters are decreasing

Chief Environmental Health Officer, Ferdinia Carbon, has reported that hurricane shelters are decreasing around the island following the passage of Hurricane Maria.

She was speaking at a press conference last week.

“We can say here this morning that we have seen the shelters decreasing very rapidly, in fact, as people rehabilitate,” she stated.

She also said the number of people in shelters is going down.

“So as persons return to their homes, we are seeing less persons at shelters,” Carbon noted.

She said the environmental health division is continuing to monitor shelters on the island.

“As you know when persons are in a crowded area we also get the transmission of diseases,” she stated. “So we have to continue our monitoring and surveillance of the shelters to ensure that they have potable water, that they have means of proper sanitation and management of their waste.”

She also stated there has been no increase of mosquito-borne diseases in Dominica post-Maria, despite the increase in mosquitos and she called on the public to get rid of breeding sites of the pest.

“So in your home, although we store much more water, we want persons to remember that they have to cover those drums, you have to turn over those appliances that can contain water and that can go on to breed mosquitos …”