Chief Executive Officer of the Dominica Air and Sea Port Authority (DASPA), Benoit Bardouille, has revealed that additional security measures are now in effect at the Douglas Charles Airport.

Persons traveling may now be randomly chosen to undergo a secondary screening process of their luggage.

Speaking on DBS Radio’s ‘DASPA In Touch’ on Thursday, August 10th, Bardouille said that he encourages persons taking flights to be very cooperative with this new measure as this is a directive straight from the United States.

“Some passengers may not be aware but one of the procedures that we have is that you are to be subjected randomly in relation to tests, especially so for explosive trace detections. We want to make sure that persons are clear and understand clearly the job that security is doing. For example, you would have security screening from the first check point in terms of our extra units to random screening again,” he said.

Bardouille noted that passengers can be called upon for a secondary screening by security or by the aircraft operators and have to go through a complete security check once more.

Dominica “must comply with those instructions” of the US and failure to do so will result in that country turning flights away.

He said that he has confirmed to US officials that DASPA will see to it that all passengers cooperate and they all “meet the requirements that they are supposed to.”